Piano & Music Lessons with Shir Piano

Piano lessons with Naomi Markovics are fun!

Naomi’s students enjoy her lessons and quickly learn to LOVE the piano. Her teaching philosophy is simple – happy students learn to master piano intuitively.

Playing the piano is a skill of a lifetime, one that helps children relax and shape their character. It is a channel to the heart and soul.

Individual & group lessons offered, ages 8 and up.

Foundation Program

Students get started right, learning proper technique and sight reading in an engaging, intuitive, and creative way. Your child will feel excited and accomplished!

Accelarated Program

Students who are ready to learn more, faster, are invited to participate in this specially-designed track. In addition to advanced technique and sightreading, students also learn to navigate chords and accompaniment.

The Accelerated Program emphasizes empowering independence, confidence, and creativity at the piano.

Fermata Program (For Women)

Take a musical pause (fermata) from the chaos of daily life.

Experience the fun and satisfaction of playing piano, whether you’re beginning now or have learned piano in the past. Plus, learning an instrument, particularly piano, has been shown to positively impact physical and emotional health, as well as brain fitness.

Piano Camp

Besides weekly lessons, kids can enroll in Express Piano Camps during holiday and summer vacations, and learn months’ worth of music in just a few days–this past summer novice beginners transformed into piano enthusiasts!

Meet Naomi Shir Piano Studio’s Owner & Head Instructor

Naomi has been teaching piano for over 14 years, to local and international students. Shir Piano Studio is unique in that they cover hard-core piano skills, sight reading and technique, as well as teach how to intuitively play popular and traditional Jewish music.  Her philosophy is simple: Life is joyful with music!

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