Lenagen Bekef Music Chug & Band Chug

Lenagen Bekef provides lessons in a range of instruments and puts together bands. All ages and levels are welcome – from kids to retirees, from beginners to advanced musicians. Those who already play – even just a bit – can join a band and perform in a concert, while for those aching to play we provide lessons in a variety of instruments. For younger kids we have a music playgroup.

Chugim Programs

Join A Band

Enjoy playing… but want to do more than just play alone, or do you write songs and would like to develop them? Ever thought of joining a band? The time has come to do something about it. Come to the program at Lenagen Bekef, where we’ll put you in a group and provide you with expert hadrachah (instruction).  With dedication, you’ll be ready to perform on stage and even record a track in a studio. For all ages and levels.

Private Lessons

Learn some of your favorite songs as you gain a solid foundation in the instrument of your choice. We offer a wide selection of lessons, including in guitar, bass guitar, drums, percussion, piano, violin, clarinet, saxophone, voice (yes, your voice is an instrument), accordion, flute, recorder, trombone, trumpet and harmonica.  For all ages and levels, no prior knowledge needed.

Music for Kids

Let us introduce your children to the sights, sounds, beats and rhythms of the wonderful world of music. For ages 4-7

Family Time

Spend quality time as a family by learning an instrument together or forming a family band. For all ages and levels, no prior knowledge needed.

Golden Ages

Chugim aren’t just for kids – if you’re retired and looking for a great hobby, what better way to spend your time than playing music? For all levels, no prior knowledge needed. And no, it’s never too late to start learning an instrument.

Rehearsal Rooms

Need a place to practice? Just give us a call and we’ll set a time.

Lenagen Bekef Music Studio
Clal Center
Jaffa St 97, Jerusalem

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