BLOC Climbing Chug

The Bloc Climbing Center is the “hub” for rock climbers in Jerusalem.

The climbing chugim in the bloc combine climbing training with social games that encourage interaction, thinking and training of the body. Together with our instructors, children will learn climbing techniques, how to walk on ropes, play games and have fun in our air-conditioned climbing center.

What’s included?

Climbing activities, climbing games, rope walking, children’s games with madrichim (counselors)

TRY IT OUT – Come and enjoy our Chugim open days – contact us for dates.

What is Bouldering?

Originally an activity where people started to climb over large rocks – boulders. Today it refers to any type of low altitude climbing (up to four meters) when the climb is over a very thick mattress that is authorized by the European union safety standards. Bouldering allows the climber to work on techniques and specific steps without having to climb an entire wall.

What will you find at The Bloc?

300 sqm of bouldering for all ages and levels!
Every week you will find a number of new routes!

We insist on using quality construction and creating interesting routes so that each visit will be something challenging and new.

The Bloc
Yitskhak Elisar St 7, Jerusalem

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