Top Tips for Christian Family Vacations in Jerusalem

Visiting Israel is a great and invaluable experience for the entire family! Israel is where the Bible comes alive, where you will add dimension to your faith, and from where you will return home changed and inspired as never before. It’s the only Land deeded by God, where Kings and prophets walked, and where Biblical history took place.

Israel is also home to many fun and educational attractions, for children and adults alike. It offers a family vacation like none other. It’s rich spiritual vibe, history and biblical connection, make it a must-see destination for a family pilgrimage.

We’ve assembled some of the greatest Jerusalem attractions, to make your trip meaningful and unforgettable! In Israel the Bible comes alive, it is the original Bible Belt.

Historical & Biblical Sites Perfect for Kids

History and stories of the Bible can often seem boring to our kids – they prefer adventure, fun and excitement over tales and stories of times gone by. In Israel however, you will find a wide range of historical and biblical activities tailored just for kids – here are a few of our favorites:

Genesis Land/Eretz Bereshit

Walk in the footsteps of the Bible as you meet Abraham and other dominant Biblical figures. Enjoy a camel ride, bake delicious pitot (traditional bread), and relax in the grand hospitality tent overlooking the Judean desert. Just a short 20 minute drive from Jerusalem towards the Dead Sea. [email protected]

Dig for a Day

The Dig for a Day activity is a great and exciting activity for children, teens and adults! During your dig, you will learn to sift through genuine archeological findings, learn about the ancient Biblical site that stood there, and maybe even find original Biblical-era artifacts! [email protected]

City of David

The City of David is located right near the Western Wall and Temple Mount. Its rich history is reflected in every stone. The interactive tour focuses on King David and his contributions to Biblical history as the builder of Jerusalem. The City of David was his palace, occupying real estate fit for a King. It also has fun water tunnels and a small pool which have proven to be a hit for kids of all ages during the spring and summer. It’s possible to walk through the ancient city of David, and visit the Pool of Siloam. [email protected]

Ramparts Walk

Walk on the ancient Jerusalem walls and view the Old City from the top! For Christian tourists, we recommend the North Side tour – which covers many churches and Christian sites including the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Church of Flagellation. The South Side walk includes views of the Tower of David, many Armenian churches, and important historical landmarks like the Dormition Abbey and the Church of St. Peter. Overlooks the Via Dolorosa.

Hike and Bike in Ella Valley

Hear the story of David and Goliath at the site where it all happened, find the ruins of the ancient city of Itri, climb through caves (optional) and enjoy a bike ride across the beautiful landscape. [email protected]

Ammunition Hill & Ropes Course

The reunification of Jerusalem in the Six Day War was not just a military feat unparalleled in history, it was also a sign of God’s promise to restore His people to their Land, in Jerusalem as their capiral. This was the site of one of the most fierce battles of the battle for Jerusalem where you’ll see God’s fingerprint in modern Israeli history. Here, you combine history and adventure in this fun family activity. This is a great, adrenalin-filled team-building activity, perfect for kids, teens and adults. It reinforces bravery, faith and reaching goals in an adventurous manner. It is a sacred place to thank God for His protection and mourn those who gave their lives. Before enjoying the ropes course, you will learn about the miracle of modern day Israel, and the battles Israel has been through to become the Light unto the Nations! [email protected]

Fun Family Attractions

There’s nothing like a really great family outing to strengthen the bond between the generations. Visit one of the following attractions for a perfect family day out!

Dead Sea Boat Tour

The Dead Sea is considered one of the 7 wonders of the world, and has a deep historical and Biblical connection. Visit this popular tourist site from a different direction – on a boat, guided by National Geographic photographer Noam Bedein. During the ride you will learn about the environmental challenges facing the Dead Sea, and how it survived until now. [email protected]

Watchman Scavenger Hunt

Get ready for laughter, critical thinking skills and a quest for more with this Old City scavenger hunt tailored for Christian tourists! Explore Mount Zion and the Jewish Quarters with a joint prism of Biblical text and modern reality. This activity really brings to life the modern day miracle in a living land. [email protected]

Mahane Yehuda Shuk Tour

Connect with the local Jewish people while visiting the iconic Mahane Yehuda outdoor market. Here you’ll get to see and sample Israel’s freshest produce (tasting the prophesy of the Land blossoming when the Jewish people returned), and cuisine representing the culinary traditions the Jewish people acquired in exile and brought home. This makes Jerusalem a culinary hotspot, with incredible restaurants and unique shops and Machane Yehuda is the place to bring it all in. Take a tour of the market, and learn about its history, and the lives of the people operating it for many years. [email protected]

Hebrew Music Museum

Who loves music? We all do! The Hebrew Music Museum is filled with instruments from around the world. The museum offers an interactive English tour, with beautiful instrument sounds, and a VR of the Levites during the Holy Temple services! [email protected]

Tikun Olam & Volunteer Activities

Isaiah’s prophecy “Is it not to share your bread with the hungry and bring the homeless poor into your house; when you see the naked, to cover him, and not to hide yourself from your own flesh?” is truer than ever in todays progressive world. As we are always running to obtain more materialistic things, we ought to pause, and teach our children the importance of giving and helping others.

Pantry Packers

Lend a hand and literally help feed the hungry by packing food for some of Israel’s needy families at the Pantry Packers warehouse. [email protected]

Yad Sarah

Visit the unique Yad Sarah initiative, where medical equipment is lent out for a minimal fee, and help build a wheelchair that will be used by handicapped and injured individuals. [email protected]

Yvel Jewelry Factory Tour

This isn’t just any factory tour. Yvel is a prestigious Jewelry factory, with a great social mission. Yvel combines a successful business in beautiful jewelry and trains and employs Ethiopian Jewish immigrants. Here you’ll learn about what’s involved in the modern return of exile Jewish communities from the corners of the world, and how they provided with a professional opportunity that enables them to live. Visit the factory and help this social mission gain traction! [email protected]

Genesis 123 Foundation

The Genesis 123 Foundation strives to build bridges between Jews and Christians and Christians with Israel in ways that are unique and meaningful. The pioneered Run for Zion ( and an array of other hands on programs that connect the dots for Christians visiting the Land, or in your own communities and churches. Be in touch to see how you can connect in Israel during your trip, or on their unique programs around the world. [email protected]

We truly hope you’ve enjoyed this short guide of fun family activities in Jerusalem!

Feel free to check out our website for more activity or volunteer ideas in Jerusalem and its surroundings!

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