Nishmat Summer Solidarity Program

Have you been thinking of coming on a solidarity mission to Israel to feel more connected to the Jewish people in these challenging times? Simultaneously, have you been dreaming of immersing yourself in text-based Torah study in Jerusalem?

This summer at Nishmat, you can do both!

This year’s inspiring speakers – Aleeza ben Shalom, “Marathon Mom” Beatie Deutch, Rabbi Leo Dee, Rav Rimon, Racheli Fraenkel

Nishmat’s Summer Program?

This year Nishmat’s classic summer program has merged into a Torah solidarity mission, where participants can…

  • immerse themselves in Torah study
  • agriculture work
  • supporting soldiers and their families
  • visiting the wounded, displaced and bereaved

Every morning opens with a guest speaker, to get a range of up close reflections on different aspects of the most challenging time Am Yisrael has faced in decades.

This program is for woman of all educational levels – locals and tourists.

Flexible Schedule – 1, 2, or 3 week options as well as stand alone days

Thursday’s morning classes are standalone and independent from the rest of the week. While topically connected to the study from Monday through Wednesday, they do not require prior knowledge in order to attend. Join us for afternoon solidarity work, as well.

*The exact schedule will change according to the current needs in Israel

RESERVATIONS - NIshmat Summer Program

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