Agnon House Tour

Visit the home of one of Israel’s most influential writers, Shai Agnon.

The Agnon House in Jerusalem is a National Heritage Site, dedicated to the work of the writer S.Y. Agnon, the 1966 Nobel Prize in Literature laureate. Agnon and his wife Esther built this house in 1931, and he lived here until his death in 1970.

The home was renovated in January 2009 and includes Shai Agnon’s library filled with his collection of books and sefarim. See the actual Nobel Prize for Literature that he received.

Take a self guided audio tour in Hebrew or English of the Museum (recommended for ages 10+)  and buy some of your favorite Agnon Books at the front desk.

Don’t be shy if you don’t understand the sophisticated Hebrew in his writing. Ask one of the knowledgeable guides to explain it to you.

Special tours can be arranged in Arnona and in the Old City following the path of “Tehila.”

Shai Agnon House Table- Fun in JerusalemShai Agnon House Table- Fun in Jerusalem
Agnon House
Klausner Street 16, Jerusalem, Israel

Reservations - Agnon House Tour

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