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March 9, 2017
By: Joanna Shebson

Most people first hear about Yad Sarah if they need to rent a wheelchair or crutches, but the tour of the new visitors’ center will quickly teach you that Yad Sarah is so much more than that. Listen, as I interview volunteers and staff members of Yad Sarah to hear about their innovative new Yad Sarah Visitors Center and their tourism services.

Hear my interview on BITE SIZE with Yoni Pollak.

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Here are some of the “Interview Highlights”

Interview with Charna Duchanov – Yad Sarah PR Department

  • Tourism Services – tourists can call in advance and arrange for special medical equipment to meet them at the airport or at your hotel/apartment. Bathroom aides, hospital beds, wheelchairs, cribs, lactation pumping machines and more.
  • Arrange for a Nichonit – Special Yad Sarah Vans equipped to drive handicap patients around the country.
  • All services require a deposit depending on the value of the equipment. The deposit is returned when the equipment is returned. There is no fee but many people choose to leave the deposit or even a larger deposit to Yad Sarah.

Interview with Rivkah Marchand – Yad Sarah Volunteer

  • Originally from Puerto Rico, Rivkah has been volunteering at Yad Sarah for many years.
  • Yad Sarah helps everyone (Jews, Christians, Arabs ) and lends medical equipment as well as offering rehabilitation services and special monitoring services for older people living alone.
  • The new Visitor’s Center has a movie, electronic trivia activity and a walking tour through the incredible building full of volunteers.
  • Yad Sarah’s most rented equipment are cribs and lactation pumps
  • Visit a model apartment that has all of the gadgets that enhance the lives of people with physical needs.

Interview with Susan SchwelYad Sarah Visitors Center Guide

  • Susan loves to give tours to students, adults, medical staff and whoever is interested in visiting Yad Sarah.
  • Students are inspired by the model apartment where they can find gadgets that help people with disabilities fulfill basic tasks like putting on their socks or playing cards.
Contact Yad Sarah to arrange a tour

How I brought the Yad Sarah experience into my son’s Bar Mitzva

As I began to plan my son’s Bar Mitzva I wanted to think of a unique place to host his hanachat teffilin. He wanted to incorporate his class friends into the celebration. Once I saw the new Yad Sarah Visitors Center I knew it would entertain the boys and inspire them. Our day looked like this…

  • We met at 8:00am for a class davening in the beautiful shul at Yad Sarah with views of the city
  • We hosted a breakfast in one of their event spaces catered by Holy Bagels
  • Took a class tour of the visitors center starting with an entertaining movie
  • Walking Tour of the building to see the different departments.
  • Highlight of the day was the Build a Walker Workshop – we built 9 walkers to donate to Yad Sarah
  • We ended the day with a discussion about future volunteer opportunities for the students – they were most interested in the idea of helping create new gadgets for people with special needs.

Check in with Yad Sarah to incorporate it into your next simcha. 


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