Kinor Bakikar – Kikar HaMusica – Party Venue


Kinor BaKikar is an elegant Mehadrin chef’s restaurant and an ideal location to host a classy private party or event. The restaurant provides an excellent option for traditional guests looking for gourmet kosher food.

The event space, located in the Music Square, offers an excellent combination of fine food and live music. Choose to use the indoor space that can seat 100 or the outside space in the summer that can seat 150.

Located just behind Yoel Solomon St the square is surrounded by beautiful restaurants.

The menu includes meat dishes served with seasonal salads and breads, baked especially for you and all made of the finest ingredients. Alongside the meat dishes there is a rich wine menu and special desserts that create a perfect experience.

Kinor Bakikar is also daily as a restaurant for lunch and dinner.

The Hebrew Music Museum is also located on the Kikar HaMusica and is a beautiful museum to incorporate into your party.

The staff at Kinor Bakikar are available to help you plan the perfect menu and ambiance for your party.

Fun In Jerusalem Customer Testimonial

“It turned out amazing! Our families are foodies and they were looking to be impressed. The food was top notch and the atmosphere was exactly what we were hoping to have.” Sharon L.”

Type of Events Bar/Bat Mitzva, Family Reunions, Yom Kef
# of Guests  up to 150
Indoor or Outdoor Party space is indoors & outdoors in the covered courtyard.
Holidays & Shabbat Available during Sukkoth & Pesach for events. Not open on Shabbat (Saturday).
Catering In House (meat)
Kashrut  Badatz Beit Yosef
Lighting & Sound System Not provided
Parking Paid city parking lots


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FIJ Tips

What makes Kikar Hamusica unique? Being able to host a party in an authentic Jerusalem courtyard devoted to music.


Pricing between 150 NIS – 260 NIS per person
Depends on menu choice & open bar options.

Venue: Kikar HaMusica

Address: Ma'avar Beit HaKnesset
Jerusalem, Israel
Neighborhood: Nachalat Shiva (Center of Town)
Parking: Paid parking lots on Hillel