Zedekiah’s Cave Tours

Under the old city’s buildings, a wonderful cave is hidden, wide and beautiful. Zedekiah’s Cave is one of Jerusalem’s’ marvels and it’s open to the public.

Zedekiah’s Cave is 225 m long and it served as an ancient quarry. The stone known by its Arabic name “Malaka” was mined here – a fine building stone that served to create the magnificent buildings of Jerusalem. As known today, the mining began at the First Temple period. Josephus called it the “Cave of Kings”.

At the early 20th century stones were still mined in the cave and were used to build the “Clock Tower”, previously standing above the Jaffa Gate – but destroyed during the British Mandate.

Today the cave is used for concerts, special kids activities and guided tours.

Zedekiah's Cave
Sultan Suleiman St, Jerusalem