Oak, Cherry Wood & The Workshop – Gush Etzion – BITE SIZE

In this BITE SIZE interview you will hear how Workshop-Gush Etzion isn’t just leaving wood working to the professionals.

Mandy, who trained as a graphic designer in Jerusalem, missed the feeling of working with her hands. Together with her husband Jeremy, one scroll saw and many personalized projects later, they created a new “real” wood working workshop in Rosh Tzurim with a focus on Judaica. Learn how they guide families in her step-by-step training workshop to create professional level wooden Judaica that feels personal.

Listen to the interview:

Here are some of the “Interview Highlights”

The Workshop-Gush Etzion is connecting families through wood work. Using wood from the local Cherry and Oak trees, as well as imported maple and walnut, Mandy’s workshop offers a step-by-step approach to creating art that is both personal and one of a kind.

Groups can either create individual projects, or can create a “combined effort piece”. In the 2 ½ hour workshop here is what you can expect:

  • Training in how to operate various wood working machinery.
  • Learn about different woods & how to contrast them for visual effects.
  • Understand the nature of wood grains and how to use them to enhance a piece of art.
  • Learn to sand your work to make it look just right.
  • Add your own creativity to your piece of Judaica whether it is a salt shaker, honey dish, sukka decoration or bircat habayit.

Keep in mind this is a great activity because it is indoors and includes all ages and family members. It is the perfect family bonding or work Yom Kef activity.

Looking for a gift for that someone that has everything? Order a custom piece designed with personalization, matting, and sizing. Custom pieces using names of family members, photography and calligraphy and combining them with pesukim from the torah to create a truly unique piece.

What does the future hold for Workshop Gush Etzion?

Workshop Gush Etzion is expanding from workshops to Yom Kefs for business and companies, and opening sessions in the evenings for quality time with a friend or child.



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