Efod Art Embroidery

Are you looking for a special “Made in Israel” piece of art or gift? Efod Art creates custom embroidered artwork that have been used as party gifts for guests, Bar & Bat Mitzva gifts as well as Chuppot for weddings and special items for synagogues. Adina Gatt is the artist behind Efod and she is creative, inspirational and finds a way to bring meaning into all of her pieces. She has created tallit bags, chuppot, challah covers, beautiful bookmarks and more.

Contact Adina for a personal appointment to see her studio and her current pieces of art. Located in Hutzot Hayoter, the artists colony, the store is a fun place to visit for art & Judaica lovers.

Ask to see my favorite piece which is a set of artwork representing the 7 minim. Your eyes will trick you into believing that her embroidered art is actually a stone mosaic.

Efod Studio- Fun in Jerusalem
Efod Studio
Hutzot Hayotzer 32, Jerusalem
Located in Hutzot Hayoter, The Artists Colony

Contact Us - Efod

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