Zomet Technology and Halacha Experience Hanukkah

How does the metal detector at the Kotel work? How do doctors write their notes on Shabbat? How does a Shabbat elevator work? How does a Shabbat wheelchair work? How does a synagogue protect the Torah scrolls on Shabbat?

Come and find out how rabbis and engineers solve techno-halachic problems.

At the Zomet Visitors Center you can ask questions, learn, understand and enjoy. Best of all the exhibits are interactive!

Family Tours:

  • Presentation: “Principles of the use of electricity on Shabbat and The Zomet Institutes inventions for security and medical needs” 30 min.
  • Walk through the interactive exhibit hall & watch instructional movies (English or Hebrew) 30 minutes

Private family tours in English must be arranged in advance.

Zomet Institute
3 Haerez
Alon Shvut

Hanukkah Reservations - Zomet

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