Winter Lights Festival at Botanical Gardens

The Winter Lights Festival at the Botanical Gardens will be a celebration of food, lights and nature. The special festival will begin on Hanukka and continue into the winter.

The event will be sponsored by the Botanical Garden in Jerusalem, in collaboration with the Ministry of Jerusalem & Heritage and the Jerusalem Development Authority.

Designed by lighting artist Gil Teichman and his team and using over 2.5 million small LEDs, the light spreads over 25 kilometers of cables throughout the garden.

Lights, aromas, flavors and experiences. The festival will take visitors on a 700 meter long track covering an area of ​​14 dunams. Visitors will enjoy breathtaking lighting displays on trees, shrubs and the beautiful lake.

Enjoy background music by the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra. Meet actors and costumed artists as you walk through the track and enjoy the food carts. Taste roasted chestnuts, baked potatoes in special sauces, hot dogs, hamburgers, schnitzels, soups, French crepes, sausages, hot chocolate, hot tea, donuts and more.

Jerusalem Botanical Gardens
Zalman Shneur 5, Jerusalem
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