When Classical Meets Klezmer – A Series of Four uplifting Musical Concerts

  • Sunday Dec 24, 2023
  • Wednesday Dec 27, 2023
  • Sunday Dec 31, 2023

Join The Spectacular World of Jewish Music for a series of four uplifting concerts – When Classical Meets Klesmer.

It’s a celebration of Jewish Music which aims to uplift and unify us during this terrible time, through the positive power of music.

25% of all ticket sales will be donated to support communities on the Gaza Border.

Mariachi Jerusalem Band – “A Mexican Evening”


Mariachi is a musical style that developed in Guadalajara in the Mexican State of Jalisco which combines trumpets violins and other unique string instruments with players performing in traditional costumes and sombreros.

The Mariachi Jerusalem Band under the musical direction of Yohanan Peretz performs Jewish music in Mariachi style presenting new and fresh sounds that succeed in combining the two musical styles with the help of characteristic Mariachi instruments. Mariachi Jerusalem is the first Mariachi band to be formed in Israel, by its Musical Director. It was the first Mariachi band to represent Israel at the International Mariachi Festival Guadalajara Mexico in 2022.

To its lively and joyful Mexican repertoire the Band adds Jewish music classics such as Ani Eshtagea (by Ehud Manor written to a South Mexican melody) Halleluya (by Leonard Cohen) Shalom Aleichem and others adding a Mexican flavor to the traditional Jewish music.

Gustavo Quinones – Vocals
Natan Rocha – Vihuela
Rotem Tel Shachar, Lian Cohen, Sarah Peretz – Violins
Yoad Fastman Itamar Levi – Trumpets
Yochanan Peretz – Guitarron


Hibba Orchestra Ensemble with Daniel Saadon – “Loving the Piyyut”


The Hibba Orchestra brings to the fore the creativity of original Jewish Oriental music from different Oriental Jewish communities.

Members of the ensemble play both modern and traditional instruments host diverse Israeli musicians and perform with them original and unique arrangements of piyyutim and authentic Israeli songs. On stage with the orchestra in this concert is the paytan Daniel Saadon who learnt to sing piyyutim from his synagogue cantor father and as no paytan before him now mixes them with Arabic and Tunisian melodies.

he Hibba Orchestra is the first Israeli orchestra that devotes itself entirely to this genre. The orchestra was founded and is directed by Elad Gabbay musician paytan and Qanun and Oud player.

Avimeir Tzur – Vocals
Elad Gabbay – Qanun and Vocals
Daniel Saadon – Lead Singer
Lihu Baniel – Wind instruments
Yaara Beeri – Kamancheh
Or Bareli – Lyre
David Cohen Nehemya – Oud


Jerusalem Street Orchestra Ensemble – “Classical with a Jewish Soul”


The Jerusalem Street Orchestra is a professional chamber orchestra that brings classical music to new audiences in non-conventional venues and public areas.

For this concert the Jerusalem Street Orchestra Ensemble has come from the street into the concert hall to perform a complete concert of classical art music with all compositions reflecting strong Jewish influences from Klezmer through Israeli melodies to Israeli classical art music. Works to be performed are by: Ernest Bloch Paul Ben-Haim Joachim Stutchewsky and Sergei Prokofiev one of the most famous composers of the 20th century and the only non-Jewish composer in the program.

Concert program:

Sergei Prokofiev – Overture on Jewish Themes
Ernest Bloch – “Baal Shem” Suite Part II: Niggun
Paul Ben-Haim – Clarinet Quintet
Joachim Stutschewsky – Six Israeli Melodies


Emil Aybinder and his Group – “Klezmer from around the World”


Emil Aybinder is one of Israel”s leading accordionists. Born in Kishinev Moldova and founder of the Accordion Department of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance he teaches the younger generation of accordionists today. His Klezmer Group of musicians and female vocal soloist combines musical themes from around the world (France South America Romania and the Balkans) with Klezmer music. The group received the 2002 Daniel Binyamini Prize for Musical Performance of the Ministry of Culture and Sport.

Emil Aybinder – Accordion
Abraham Schwab – Pan flute
Pavel Levin – Violin
Matan Mizrahi – Bass ܼ
Vera Levinsky – Vocals


Begin Center Museum
Sh.A. Nakhon Street 6, Jerusalem, Israel
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