Encounters Outside the Box – Ultra Orthodox Community Tour

Take a behind the scenes tour of one of Jerusalem’s largest religious communities. Immerse yourself in “Haredi” Ultra Orthodox culture, learn about their traditions & step back in time as you enter this unique community with your own “Hareidi” English speaking guide.

“Shtisel” has brought their story to mainstream media but when you step inside the actual community you will see people with ancient traditions & strict rules pertaining to their dress, food, relationships and virtually all aspects fo their life.

Tours are run by Encounters Outside the Box –Rabbi Nethanel Zelikovich – an Ultra Orthodox activist and social entrepreneur. The tours are a part of a unique social venture that facilitates encounters between the secular and the Orthodox societies in Israel from an educational perspective.

**Reservations are required


  • The tour begins at Davidka Square with a short discussion about the Jewish Orthodox world.
  • Continue to the Zichron Moshe neighborhood with its beautiful alleyways and learn about the synagogues, the houses, the spirit of the place, and its everyday life.
  • Follow the pashkevils – the famous street posters. Learn about how media and communication work in this community.
  • Get to Malchei Israel Street – the center of commerce and entertainment of the Orthodox community in Jerusalem.
  • Walk down the main street and stop by fashion shops, music stores, bookstores, Jewish food joints, and Judaica stores.
  • Meet the residents and learn about their unique world.
  • Visit Kikar HaShabbat (Sabbath Square) – the heart of the neighborhood. This place used to be a center of protests and political activity.
  • See the entrance gate to the famous Mea Shearim neighborhood.
  • End your tour at Strauss Street near the City Center and Jaffa Street

The tour includes tasting some delicious traditional Jewish food!

Other activities with Encounters Out of the Box

  • Private tours of the Ultra Orthodox Community
  • Be hosted for Friday night dinner with an Ultra Orthodox family
  • Tish Tour – find out whats a tish is on a Friday night. A guide will take you into the a few local “Tish” to experience the differences.

The tour takes place at Jewish Orthodox neighborhoods, and therefore, participants are asked to dress modestly.

  • Men should wear shirts with sleeves and long trousers or 3/4 length trousers.
  • Women should wear shirts with sleeves and with no cleavage and long skirts/trousers.
  • Groups and individuals are welcome to sign up for the tour.

A minimum number of participants is required. The tour can be booked for private groups during other days of the week.
Pay per person tours are on Monday and Wednesday at 6pm

Due to the Health Ministry guidelines for “staying at home” during the Corona Virus outbreak many of the events on our calendar have been cancelled. We have decided not to delete them from the calendar so that they will be there when the situation improves. Please call ahead to see if this event is happening.