Psik Theater – Yehiyeh Be’Seger

Shelly  (12), Batsheva (10) and their seven year old brother, Oz are forced into isolation together, after being exposed to someone with Corona.  They share an intense few days, without their go-to screen-time, TV or computers, exacerbating the underlying friction between the siblings.

Sharing nothing but the four walls, long-time resentments surface and the children are forced to confront their emotions and repair their relationships.  They slowly get to know, and like, one-another.  While in isolation, they share the different ways that they have learnt to cope with hardships of childhood boycotts, which ultimely helps to strengthen the connection between them.

The Psik Theater invites you to join them for the premier of this original show, dealing with the age-old issue of sibling rivalry, brought to the surface due to the modern-day circumstances of the Corona pandemic.

The show is part of Circles 2021 – the multi-disciplinary international festival



Beit Mezia Theater
Mesilat Yesharim Street 18, Jerusalem