Private Summer Sofer Tours

Take a hands-on private private family tour and learn all about the fascinating world of Safrut (scribal arts).

Have you ever wondered how a Torah Scroll is created? How every single letter written on the parchment is done in such a precise way? What is inside a pair of Tefillin and how much time and effort goes into creating them? What is the significance of the Mezzuzah and how is it written? What does it take to be a Sofer STaM (scribe) and how is it done? What is the significance to the initials STaM?

Private Tour

Families will be treated to in-depth explanations and demonstrations on how Torah Scrolls, Tefillin, Mezzuzot and Megillot are created.

  • Differences between Ashkenazic and Sefardic writing styles will be shown.
  • Learn how the Sirtut, lines on the parchment, are made.
  • See how a Sofer fashions a feather pen.
  • Be part of  a demonstration on how a Sofer writes on actual parchment and get a chance to try it yourself, and much more!
  • The tour is ideal for adults or children above age 5, but it is especially appropriate for a Bar Mitzvah group
Moshe Braun Studio
8/3 Nachal Katlav, Ramat Beit Shemesh

Summer Reservations - Moshe Braun Sofer Private Tour

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