JLM Street Play App

The Jerusalem Municipality invites you on a journey between past, present and future.  Discover hidden alleyways, uncover little-known walk-ways and see Jerusalem as you’ve never seen it before!

The JLM Street Play App is an augmented reality escape room app with puzzles and missions for the whole family.

Professor Chavatzelet Hasson-Sharon is a colorful, slightly scatty professor.  She runs a secret laboratory, deep in the heart of Jerusalem, researching the phenomenon of time travel.  As is the nature of research, mistakes happen and the Professor sometimes opens portals to the past, introducing us to an array of wonderful characters whose presence disrupts daily life in the city.

Family Track
The professor needs your help to locate Libby, a lion cub who has burst through a window in time and is now lost somewhere around town.
Starting point: 12 Bezalel Street
Recommended for ages 8 years + (with the help of older family members)
Route: 1.5 km

Download the free App here.

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