Eretz Bereshit – Party Venue


Take your guests back in time and celebrate your Bar/Bat Mitzva on a hilltop overlooking the Judean desert at Genesisland (Eretz Bereshit).  The guests of honor can arrive by foot or by camel as the guests enjoy warm hospitality.

With Biblical hospitality you can serve a beautiful meal to your guests in Abraham’s tent. Guests are invited to sit on chairs (not on the floor) and an area is set up for music and dancing under the stars.

This is a truly unique place to host an event.

Additional activities include pita baking, camel rides and outdoor drumming circles.

Type of Events Bar/Bat Mitzva, Weddings, Family Reunions, Yom Kef
# of Guests
Indoor or Outdoor Party space is outdoor with an area under the stars and an area within a large tent.
Holidays & Shabbat Available during Sukkoth & Pesach for events. Not open on Shabbat (Saturday).
Catering In House (dairy or meat)
Kashrut Matte Binyamin (optional Rav Rubin Hashgacha)
Lighting & Sound System Not provided
Parking FREE outdoor parking lot


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FIJ Tips

What makes Eretz Bereshit unique? Where else can you feel like you are being elegantly hosted by Biblical figures with an incredible view of the desert.


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English / Hebrew

Venue: Eretz Breishit

Address: Alon 90618 Israel
Neighborhood: Kfar Adumim
Transportation: Taxi or By Car
Parking: Free parking lot