Theatrical Tour of the Old Yishuv Court Museum

The Old Yishuv Court Museum provides a rare glimpse into the life of the people of the Old City and original community in Jerusalem.

Through artifacts, the story of the people emerges and comes to life. Learn about marriage and birth, about joy and sadness, about daily coping with the difficulties of life, being content with little and believing in the Creator of the world.

Online event in honor of Jerusalem Day –

Yehuda Amichai will sing about Jerusalem hosted by Avichai Kimchi.
Participants: Gilad Meiri, Batsheva Dori, Hadara Levin, Tzila Bar Zen Tzur and Ran Yagil.

Sunday May 9

Museum tours

Childhood in Jerusalem Once Upon A Time

What games did the children play in the days when there was no electricity in the streets and no tap water? What about the cops and card games, how did they play “Lamech” and “The Black Bear”, how did the magic flashlight work?

A tour of Jerusalem in the past followed by childhood games & crafts.

Sunday May 9 at 4:00pm
Tuesday May 11 at 4:00pm, 6:00pm

From Crisis to Redemption –

The story of the district’s fighters and evacuees in 1948. How did they prepare borax and shakshuka during the siege of Jerusalem? How to make homemade pomegranates? About a boy who, instead of celebrating a bar mitzvah with candies, finds himself in Jordanian captivity, and more stories about fighting, heroism, dealing with challenges and leadership in the days when the State of Israel was established.

A tour following the fighters of the Jewish Quarter in the Jewish Quarter and the evacuees of the Quarter in 1958, including a visit to the exhibition “From a Crisis to Redemption – The Story of the Evacuators of the Jewish Quarter 1958-1948.

Sunday May 9 at 6:00pm

Knock on Wood – The Evil Eye

Why did the mother not get out of bed for 40 days? How did we protect babies from eye strain? When were children sold and when did a black wedding take place? A tour following doctors and pharmacists, diseases and amulets, modern hospitals and epidemics.

Thursday May 13 at 6:00pm

Old Yishuv Court Museum
Or HaHayim St 6, Jerusalem

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