Ein Yael Living Museum


Ein Yael is an idyllic mix of nature and history. The museum is located outdoor across the valley from the Biblical Zoo and at the end of the Park Hamesilla. As you enter the nature reserve you can visit an ancient Roman Street & meet the craftsman that worked in those times (during Ein Yael festivals), visit an animal corner and enjoy fun workshops like fresco, basket weaving and instrument making.

Pesach Spring Festival and Open Days – April 9, 12-14, 16, 18

Tours + Workshops

You can arrange your own private tour of the museum followed by 2 workshops of your choice. Take advantage of the special winter price and discover this unique museum in Jerusalem.

Fall – 550 NIS (tour + 2 workshops) (up to 20 people)
Winter – 330 NIS (up to 20 people)
Spring & Summer – 660 NIS (tour + 2 workshops) (up to 20 people)

Workshops can take place rain or shine. This is a great Friday activity for families looking to do something special in Jerusalem. Let Ein Yael know if you are coming with young kids, school age or teens and they will create the right workshop for you.

Workshop Choices


Special Events: Spring Festival, Yom Haatzmaut, New Fruit Shavuot Festival, Summer Festival, Succot Festival, Hanukka Festival.

Summer and Pre-Pesach Camps: Kids can enjoy many ancient crafts in this beautiful outdoor setting. Contact Ein Yael 02-645-1866

Contact Ein Yael



Transportation: We do not recommend taking a bus to Ein Yael. The closest bus is to the zoo and then a 10 minute dirt path walk uphill to Ein Yael.


FIJ Tips

This is one of my favorite Jerusalem museums because it is so "kid focused" and interactive.


Festivals open to the public July and August and on school vacations

Open for families mid week by reservation

July: 10:00am-4:00pm (Friday 2pm)

August: 10:00am-6:00pm (Friday 2pm)

Pesach 10:00am-6:00pm (Friday 2pm)

Succot: 10:00am-5:00pm



Adult: 35 NIS
Child: 45 NIS (ages 3+)

Private Tours + 2 Workshops – up to 20 people per group
550 NIS (Fall) 330 NIS (Winter-after January) 660 NIS (Summer)


Babies, Toddlers, School Age




Snack shop with drinks and popsicles (summer only)

Venue: Ein Yael

Address: Ein Ya'el
Neighborhood: Malcha
Transportation: No buses to Ein Yael
Parking: Free parking lot

Ein Yael Workshops for Families

The Ein Yael Living Museum offer families a choice of workshops to teach them about ancient agricultural methods and life in Israel during the Roman Period. Ein Yael is nestled in the enchanting Jerusalem Hills on the outskirts of Jerusalem among ter...
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What Makes Ein Yael Interactive?

Ein Yael: Archery, street theater, ancient craft workshops and more.Take your children back in time to the land first settled by the Canaanites in the 12th century BC. Let your children learn ancient art and craft techniques in Israel and Jerusalem. ...
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Ein Yael Shavuot Festival

Ein Yael
June 01 2017
Celebrate the Shavuot "First Fruits" festival at Ein Yael on Isru Chag (the day after Shavuot).A day of fun and experiences at the ancient craft workshops.Celebrate with live music and costumed actors at the Living Museum. See how an ancient Rom...
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