Can you walk through the Bambu?

May 16, 2014
By: Joanna Shebson

The Israel Museum will present an interactive “Bambu” exhibit in the Art Garden this summer. This is sure to be the exhibit of the summer. The exhibit has traveled around the world and was created by Doug and Mike Starn. Each time the exhibit is built, it is uniquely designed with the exhibit location in mind. They hire international rock climbers to build their creations. The Israel Museum Bambu Exhibit will resemble a massive organism, made of thousands of bamboo canes tied together with colored string, which may be circled, climbed on, and entered into. The exhibit contains a path with steps that takes you through the installation.

7 Fun Facts about the Bambu Exhibit

  1. The exhibit creators Doug and Mike Starn are identical twins.
  2. The exhibit has been built before at the MET in NY, The Venice Biennale for Art, Museo d’arte in Rome, and the Naoshima Museum in Japan.
  3. The exhibit at the Israel Museum is the most complex so far with the most multi branched Bamboo.
  4. It is 17 meters high and includes over 10,000 bamboo canes and 80 kilometers of climbing cord.
  5. The climbing cord is colored in order to show off the connections.
  6. When the artists noticed a bird’s nest in the bamboo they chose to work around it and include nature in their installation.
  7. Closed toe shoes must be worn in the Bambu Installation. No flip flops or heels.

Ages: Children age 6+ can walk through the exhibit. Ages 6-13 must be accompanied by an adult. One adult can bring in two kids at a time. There are areas of the exhibit that are hard to climb and slippery to walk down so a parent must be right behind their child.
Restrictions: Pregnant women are not allowed into the exhibit. Flip Flops and high heel shoes will not be allowed for the visitors safety. There is a designated area for wheelchairs but stroller are not allowed.
Tickets: Tickets must be purchased in advance. Adults are 10 NIS and Child is 5 NIS. Tickets are sold for specific times.

FIJ Tips: My kids wanted to stay longer and climb higher so make sure to leave yourself enough time. It was breathtaking and lots of fun.

Exhibit Dates: June 16, 2014-April 14, 2015

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