Vista – Mishkenot Sheananim


Nestled amongst historic sites and in a location with a breathtakingly picturesque Jerusalem view – Vista Jerusalem is the ideal luxury venue for your event.

Beautifully positioned facing Jerusalem’s ancient old city, directly overlooking its famous and iconic walls and the Tower of David, Vista Jerusalem enables you to create a genuine Jerusalem event like no other.

Can you imagine the sound of David’s Harp …


Vista is located in an ancient Arabic house built more than 200 years ago, with authentic domed ceilings, creating a very historic & quaint atmosphere. As you enter the main front terrace, you will see a sensational panoramic view of the Old City walls, which are only 600 meters away from this special venue.

The historic building is on Emile Botta just a few steps away from King David St.


The main front 600 meter expansive terrace facing the ancient city walls is the ideal location for the main event. It is currently enclosed with a permanent structure for the winter.

The living room can host 30 seats, including the adjacent porch which can hold up to 40 seats. There are also cozy spots within the house that can be used as bars.


A 300-foot terrace facing the New City is a back porch terrace designed for a reception or a separate event.

On the second floor of the house, you can step out on to the “Panorama Balcony”, a roof deck with a breathtaking panoramic view that can host up to 40 people.


During the construction and renovation, an ancient 2000 year old cistern was excavated in the front yard of the building, dating back to the times of the Second Temple.

The space has been converted into a spectacular underground wine cellar. A skylight in the glass ceiling brings in natural light transforming this into another unique space for events accompanied by special rare wines.


The house contains 3 rooms that can be used as hotel rooms, 2 of which are master units. Ask about the option to stay for an overnight stay + a family gathering and rejoicing.


The location is open to your choice of caterer. Choose your menu style and impress your guests with the best Mediterranean gourmet cuisine.


The ambiance is “Yerushalmi” – facing the Old City in an authentic old Jerusalem stone house with today’s most luxurious finishes.

10 Emile Botta St.
Mishkenot Sheananim

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