Kfitz Kfotz Gymnastics Classes


Kfitz Kfotz is a gymnastics center for religious girls.

Girls are divided into age groups and will learn floor exercises, use balance beams, trampolines and other gymnastics equipment. The classes are taught by women and the final show at the end of the season is for women only.

This is a great gymnastics class for olim!

AGES: For ages 1st grade – teenagers (girls)
Ask for details about the new class for boys.

BRANCHES: There are three branches of Kfitz Kfotz across the city including Kiryat Moshe and Har Homa. The program is run by Tehilla, Temima & Todaya.

Gymnasts will have the opportunity to join some local competitions during the year.

If you still have questions you can contact Kfitz Kfotz.

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FIJ Tips

This is by far the most popular gymnastics chug for girls in Jerusalem. Very professional, great equipment and trained staff.


Classes are 55 minutes twice a week

Kiryat Moshe classes will be once a week


3300 NIS


1st grade - teenagers


English / Hebrew


September - June 2018

Venue: Kfitz Kfotz Gymnastic Center

Address: Jerusalem, Israel