Juggling, Magic & Rocket Workshop

Introducing Josh Phaff! Juggler, magician and “rocket” entertainer all in one. Josh is one of Israel’s leading family and kids entertainers for bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings, birthday parties and family events.

Josh’s show offers a unique blend of juggling, magic and entertainment with an emphasis on loads of comedy and audience participation. People have described Josh’s style as lively, energetic, exciting and original. His fun and friendly personality will get everyone involved. You can be assured all ages will be entertained and that Josh will create a truly happy and memorable event!

Personal Show

Josh will come to your hotel or apartment and entertain your kids with a magic & juggling show and some good old-fashioned fun. Great idea for tourists who want to entertain their kids.

Outdoor “Rocket” Fun

Get ready for incredible outdoor fun! Bottle rocket launchers, air power rockets and other unbelievable flying toys!

Juggling Workshops

Learn to juggle (yes you can!) and use many fun and challenging skill toys.

Craft Workshops

Take home a special souvenir from Israel that YOU made!

Gift Shop – Great Summer Toys

At Josh Phaff’s World of Fun you can find some of the most unique, entertaining and enriching toys, that will keep kids busy for hours! Here are some great toy ideas for kids and grandkids.

Tim Bird – Tim Bird is a mechanical marvel!  It really flies like a real bird! This classic toy has been entertaining children and adults for over thirty years! Wind up the rubber band and toss it gently into the air and watch Tim fly over 45 meters! Change the flight pattern by adjusting Tim’s tail for straight, circular or looping flights! Timmy is a smaller version of Tim and flies up to 22 meters.

Aquapod Bottle Launcher – BLAST OFF – The Aquapod is the most exciting and safest bottle rocket launcher ever. It’s 100% assembled and all you need is an ordinary bike pump and a 2 litre plastic soft-drink bottle with a bit of water in it. Not only does the Aquapod launch a bottle up to 100 feet in the air, but no other launcher out there has a built-in safety valve that releases pressure at 60psi in order to keep everyone safe from over-pressurizing the launcher.

Turbospoke – Make your regular bike sound like a motorbike. Turbospoke, the bicycle exhaust system is the ultimate upgrade for your bike.
Want to see even more options? Find Josh’s most popular products here and some great outdoor options here.

Reservations - Josh Phaff Workshops

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