Hollander Distillery Tour

Take a behind the scenes factory tour of the Hollander Distillery a unique family run distillery. The business which started in Czechoslovakia in 1930 has reopened recently in the Land of Israel in Beit Meir in the Jerusalem Hills.

Hollander Distillery specializes in the production of beverages using alcoholic fruit distillation – natural liqueurs from fruits, and Alcohol (schnapps) based on various fruits.

Take a Tour

Learn how the liquor, schnaps and brandy is made. Follow the process through from fresh fruit to fruit liquor while hearing Ronny’s family story. On the tour you will go through the different production spaces at the distillery and learn about the production process of alcohol and spirits.

Finish with a tasting on the viewing terrace as you face the spectacular view of the Jerusalem mountains. Guests will get to taste the variety of products including – 4 types of liqueur and 2 types of schnapps.

Tours are 1 hr long and open to families but tastings are for adults only.

Sunset Tour

Take the regular tour of the production process and end with a cocktail on the balcony overlooking the sunset on the Jerusalem Hills. This tour is 1.5 hrs.

Hollander Cocktail Workshops with Refreshments

An experiential workshop that gives you a glimpse into the world of alcohol and cocktails.

The session opens with a short tour of the factory where you learn about the production process of the alcohol. You will then be brought on to the terrace for an experiential workshop in which you will taste the different distillery’s products as cocktails. You will learn how to mix your own cocktails using Hollander products.

Each participant will taste 2 Alcohol (schnapps), 2 liqueurs and 2 cocktails. The workshop ends with a special hot and sweet cocktail.

The workshop includes a refreshments buffet with a rich cheese platter, bruschetta in a selection of flavors, croissant sandwiches, salted puff pastry sticks alongside salsa, tomatoes, avocado and truffle cream.

1.5 hrs with a 20 person minimum

Schnapps & Fish Workshop

Join Hollander for an experience that sharpens the senses, which will teach you how food effects the spirits we drink.
A tasting workshop including 4 types of schnapps from the distillery along with 4 types of smoked and pickled fish.

The workshop starts with a tour of the alcohol production stations at the distillery where you will learn about how to produce alcohol from fruits. After the tour you will continue on to the terrace for a guided tasting with an incredible view of the Jerusalem Hills.

Each Schnapps is accompanied by a specific fish. You will learn the thought process behind which fish matches up with which flavored Schnapps.

2 hr workshop + tour , minimum 10 people, maximum 20.

Distillation Workshop with Light Refreshments

A unique, practical and in-depth workshop for alcohol lovers. In the distilling workshop you will be able to experience the alcohol distillation process. In the workshop, participants will learn about the alcohol distillation process, with a practical illustration of the production process.

On the tasting table will be a distillery that you will produce in real time, while explaining the process itself. At this stage you will taste, smell and get to know different materials and stages which occur in the production process.

The workshop includes tastings of various schnapps and liqueur products. During the tasting, participants will receive light refreshments and the right drink that matches up well with the food. Enrich your knowledge of what food pairs with which alchohal.

Light refreshments include a snack tray including hard cheese, olive tapenade, jam, Hollander alcohol, olives, grissini and beet cracker.

This workshop should not be viewed as training for home alcohol production as it is extremely dangerous and is not recommended to be done by an unqualified person.

Workshop + tour is 1.5-2hrs. 10-30 participants.

Moshav Beit Meir

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