Yvel Design Center & Ethiopian Craft Center Tour

Yvel invites you to come and enjoy special behind the scenes tours for tourists in English of the Jewelry School and Yvel Design Center.

Factory Tour

A factory tour lasts for 1.5 hours. Watch a video about jewelry making and pearls, and walk by the artists as they work. You will be introduced to the Megemaria Program and the Ethiopian immigrants who are learning the trade of jewelry making,  and then you will be allowed to roam the factory store.

Visit the new Ethiopian Craft Village

You will be guided through a replica of an Ethiopian craft village by one of the Megemeria students. Hear about the Ethiopian culture and their journey to Israel. This is an incredible opportunity for school children to learn about a Jewish culture they may not be familiar with. To add this tour to your Yvel visit please request it in advance.

Yvel Jewelry Factory
Yehiel M. Steinberg St 1, Jerusalem

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