What was Herzl’s favorite Emoji?

What Was Herzl’s Favorite Emoji? opens a window into different aspects of modern Israeli and Jewish society, and raises important dilemmas and challenges.

Join this tour to learn the story of this, and other important symbols as they evolved or fell out of use, from the times of the Second Temple until today.

This is a two part tour. You can join any part (they are independent of each other) but best appreciated together.

Part one begins in the times of the Maccabees where we find the earliest appearance of the Menorah. The tour continues into the Byzantine period (Mishnah and Talmud) when it was ubiquitous, and ends in Jewish Art.

Part two continues this journey and explores how different symbols are found in synagogues and Judaica from around the world. It ends with the art of the Bezalel Academy, and includes provocative discussions and more surprises along the way.

Nachliel is an experienced educator and expert museum guide, who will engage you through humor, fun, rubber duckies and activities!

He updates his list of tours every few days. Keep track of Nachliel’s tours here.

Museum Row
Shmuel Stephan Weiz St 21,

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