2054 The Year Dreams Come True

The Koom Koom Theater presents 2054 – The year dreams come true.

The show takes place in the open space of the Natural History Museum in the German Colony.

Have you ever tried to imagine what would happen if the corona plague did not end by 2054? Have you ever visited an airport from which you do not fly anywhere? And have you ever met a rock star singing dog?

Come fly with us to the year 2054 where the most impossible dreams will come true precisely at strange and unconventional times. Tighten your belts – we’re taking off!

Directed by: Andrei Orbach
Set design: Maria Mikhailov
Doll design: Maria Gurevitch, Leonid Elisov
Music: Or Kodai, Michael Linick
Actors: Daniel Ovadia, Ariel Keren

Nature Museum
6 Mohilever St.
German Colony

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