Hanukkah Immersive Pop Up Exhibit at Kol Haot

“Al Hanisim – Of The Miracles”
An interactive pop-up exhibition during Hanukkah at the Artist’s Colony next to the Old City.

Enjoy immersive art and design installations by 8 artists at the Kol Ha’ot gallery. The works in a variety of mediums all illuminate the miracles in our lives.

Visitors are invited to touch, think, draw, take pictures and admire the diverse and tactile art.

Exciting Exhibits

Among the exhibits: hundreds of images of baked goods created with the help of artificial intelligence; a song with eight notes played on a South American instrument and mastered by the visitors; A huge comic in which the viewer finds his own wonderful story and more.

The artists created their performances from the world of Jewish content.

The exhibition takes place in the studio of “Kol Ha’ot”, a Jerusalem organization that deals with Jewish education through art, which initiated, produces and hosts the exhibition at the Hutzot HaYotzer complex.

The Curator

The exhibition’s curator and designer, Eli Kaplan Wildmann, who previously also exhibited at the Tel Aviv Pop-Up Museum, says: “The topic of miracles is so appropriate for a pop-up exhibition, because it is always something fleeting, which creates a moment of wonder and then immediately disappears.”

Hutzot Hayotzer - Artist's Colony
Felt St, Jerusalem

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