Jerusalem Biennale 2021

The 2021 Jerusalem Biennale exploring the way art functions in our homes, offices and studios, while creating new ways of sharing art in private space and expanding the art experience beyond public and semi-public spaces.

The Fifth Edition of The Jerusalem Biennale theme will be Four Cubits (ארבע אמות). In Jewish tradition, the term Four Cubits (ארבע אמות) is used to point out a person’s private space. A cubit, or Ama in Hebrew, is an ancient measurement of length of about 0.5 meters. Therefore, four cubits are about 2 meters- the 2 meter circle surrounding a person is his/her personal space.

Under this title, JB2021’s program will consist of three major components: Venues, PHASEs, and Take Me Home. All three will have both an in-person and online presence.

More information coming soon…