Hadara Ceramic Hanukka Workshops

Have you heard about Hadara’s Ceramic Workshops in Jerusalem? Now you can enjoy a studio workshop for the whole family.

Hadara’s Ceramics workshops are great for kids, teens and adults and they are loads of fun! The studio has moved to a new air-conditioned venue on Derech Beit Lechem in Jerusalem. It’s a perfect place to relax and be inspired.

You’ll learn how to do hand building with clay and sculpture & different design techniques to create beautiful pieces of art. She’s also got loads of lace, stencils and stamps to make decorating your piece a real treat.

Hadara is available to guide you if you have questions and you get to enjoy a fun and creative workshop.

Hadara's Ceramic Studio
Derech Beit Lechem 9

Hanukkah Workshop - Hadara

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