Ein Yael Festivals & Workshops

Ein Yael is a living museum that takes you back in time to the Roman period where you will learn ancient crafts and techniques. It is an idyllic mix of nature and history.

The museum is located outdoor across the valley from the Biblical Zoo and at the end of the Park Hamesilla.

Ein Yael is only open to the public at certain times of the year.  

  • Spring Festival (Passover)
  • Summer Festival
  • Succot Festival
  • Hanukka Festival

Festival Tours + Workshops

As you enter the nature reserve you can visit an ancient Roman Street & meet the craftsman that worked in those times, visit an animal corner and enjoy fun workshops like fresco, basket weaving and instrument making.

Keep an eye on our Events Calendar for full details of each Festival.

עין יעל


Ein Yael, Jerusalem
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