Dead Sea Story Boat Rides


Explore the wonders of the Dead Sea by boat with photojournalist Noam Bedein.

On our expeditions you will grasp why the Dead Sea was nominated as one of the seven wonders of the world!

Join us to experience the magical geological phenomena of salt formations developing day by day
on the Dead Sea – salt “pearls” and “diamonds” – salt cliffs, stalactites and caves.

This unique activity is promoted by the Dead Sea Revival Project which is a non profit organization, dedicated to save Israel’s water treasures through environmental education and advocacy.

FIJ Customer Feedback“We learned so much with our own eyes about the changes happening quicker than people realize.  I will say it was hands down the best tiyul we have done.”

Dead Sea Treasure Exploration Boat
Cost: $70 (1.5 hrs) $100 (3 hrs)
Boat can hold up to 12 people. Discount available when entire boat is rented privately. 

NEW Double Kayak option for groups of 15-30 people
Cost: $75 per person (2 hrs) led by a captain & professional trainer


‘Illusory Beauty’: The Dead Sea- Warning Signs- A Multimedia & Virtual Reality Presentation
Learn about Israel’s World Wonder – the lowest place of Earth, when Noam displays his photo exhibition and VR demonstration at your hotel in the Dead Sea or in Jerusalem.

Topics include…

  • “Save our Water Treasures” – a new educational campaign focusing on global environmental advocacy
  • Exclusive documentation of changes in the Dead Sea’s water level and topographical features over time
  • Israel’s International Leadership in Water Management and Technology
  • Introduction to Middle East geopolitics- Problems and Solutions in connection with water usage

Location: 45 minutes from Jerusalem at the Mitzpe Shalem Junction.
Request a car service for 4 people for an additional 50NIS per person.

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FIJ Tips

Take advantage of these tours because the Dead sea water levels are receding and the magical views are incredible. A real unique family experience.


Boat Rides
$70 per person 1.5 hrs
$100 per person 3 hrs

$75 per person (kayak for groups)

Dead Sea Revival Presentation: 
1,800 NIS in the Dead Sea hotel district. 1,200 NIS in Jerusalem.


Ages 4+


English / Hebrew

Venue: Dead Sea Story

Address: Mitzpe Shalem
Dead Sea, Israel
Neighborhood: Dead Sea

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