Private VIP News Briefing

Take the unique opportunity to meet Gil Hoffman, chief political correspondent and analyst for The Jerusalem Post. Learn the background behind today’s political landscape through the eyes of a journalist using articles, surveys and interviews.

Gil Hoffman will give you a patriotic and objective understanding of the political situation in Israel and for Israel abroad. He has presented to groups from the right and left political spectrum and he has a unique objective way of presenting the facts.

You choose the topic and let him know a little bit about the background of the group. Gil can meet you over breakfast at your hotel, in the hotel lobby over coffee or out at a requested location. Briefings can be done in Hebrew and English. Sessions are usually 1 hour long. Sessions can also be arranged on shabbat, as long as they are walking distance for Gil.

Sessions for Kids

Gil has a great talent for presenting the information to kids of all ages. He can explain the news, the region and the pressing issues on their level and relate to the parents at the same time. It’s a great activity for a family who want their kids to learn about “Israel today”.

Topics Include:

  • “Peace, Politics, and Plutonium: A Maven’s Guide to the Mayhem in the Middle East.”
  • “Red States, Blue States, and the Jewish State: An insider’s perspective from Jerusalem on the US-Israel relationship.”
  • 73 Reasons for Optimism about Israel’s future
  • Jew vs Jew in the Jewish State: The exciting world of Israeli politics
  • A journalist’s take on how to be an effective Israel advocate

Each meeting ends with a Question & Answer session.

About Gil:

Gil Hoffman is the chief political correspondent and analyst for The Jerusalem Post. He has interviewed every major figure across the Israeli political spectrum, has been interviewed by top media on six continents and is a regular analyst on CNN, Al-Jazeera and other news outlets.  Called “the most optimistic man in Israel” by Israel Television, Hoffman’s writing and TV appearances provide a behind-the-scenes look at the intrigue and humor in the Israeli political arena.  Gil is the only Israel speaker ever to lecture about Israel in all 50 states.

Reservations - Private VIP News Briefing

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