Sukkot at the Tower of David

Sukkot is the perfect time of year to visit the Tower of David. With so much choice, this promises to be a really fun, family day out!

New for families!  The story of the lost key

A small, ancient, precious key discovered in the citadel of the Tower of David uncovers the ancient citadel’s secrets. Using tools in your family’s game packet, including a map of clues, challenges and activities, wander around the courtyards of the citadel, its towers and observation point, in a quest to solve the mystery of the key and discover the best kept secret of Jerusalem’s citadel!

A Bird’s Eye View of Jerusalem

An outdoor audio tour of the extensive citadel invites visitors to get to know Jerusalem and discover how the city has changed over time. The tour includes unique historical models as well as archaeological finds located throughout the citadel and the breathtaking view of the city from the Phasael Tower.

The Mystery of Herod’s Palace and the Kishle

A outdoor tour inviting visitors to embark on a fascinating journey into the city’s past and to revisit the great events and stories that shaped Jerusalem’s history. Discover the extensive excavations in the Citadel moat and the Kishle building, revealing the city’s secrets from the days of the First Temple to the present time.

Phasael Tower Observation Point – 360° over Jerusalem

From the top of Phasael Tower at the height of 777 meters above sea level, sits the most beautiful observation point in Jerusalem!  Expansive 360° vista spanning to the east and west, the Old City and the New City, the past and the future.  From the lofty observation point on top of the tower built by King Herod over 2000 years ago, you see holy sites, the Temple Mount and above it the Mount of Olives and Mt. Scopus, the quarters of the Old City as well as some of the newer neighborhoods and buildings of modern Jerusalem.

Towers in the Air

Enjoy awesome, challenging, physical activities – ropes, ladders, omegas, climbing walls, and rappelling –  surrounded by Jerusalem’s glorious 4,000 years of history.  For more info, click here

Under the new Ministry of Health COVID regulations, entry does not require a Green Pass

Tower of David, Jerusalem