Jerusalem Train Theater

The Train Theater in Jerusalem is an artistic repertoire puppet theater for children. The theater is unique in the world of children’s theater in Israel and a leader in its field.

The theater was founded in Jerusalem in 1981, as a collaboration of four independent puppeteers: Michael Schuster, Alina Ashbel, Hadass Ophrat and the late Mario Kotliar.

The theater got it’s name because it began in a train car located in Liberty Bell Park – Gan Hapaamon.

The new theater located next to the skate park in the southern area of Gan Hapaamon has a large theater which can seat 180, a small theater which can seat 60, an outdoor amphitheater, courtyard and workshop rooms.

Shows & Workshops

Today the theater has weekly shows for kids in its brand new location in the Southern section of the park. The theater offers traveling shows as well as workshops. Perhaps it is most famous for running the Puppet Festival in Jerusalem each summer.

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Train Theater Hanukka FestivalTrain Theater Hanukka FestivalTrain Theater Hanukka FestivalTrain Theater
Train Theater
Located in Liberty Bell Park
Keren HaYesod St, Jerusalem

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