Train Theater


The Train Theater is situated within Liberty Bell Park (Gan Hapaamon) and it’s a gem for young kids.

The talented actors have created a variety of puppet shows and story theaters. They have a yearly calendar with weekly story theater, weekly plays involving puppets and even a walking play through the streets of Yemin Moshe.

Most plays are in HEBREW but can be enjoyed by young kids without a language barrier. Private shows can be done in English for groups reserved in advance.

The Train Theater has just announced a special series of English plays on Wednesdays.

During the summer the Train Theater sponsors a Puppet Festival in Jerusalem.

The Train Theater can bring their shows to you…for a special occasion or school event.

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Train Theater History
The Train Theater began in 1981 and literally took place in a train car brought into Liberty Bell Park. It is now an indoor theater and in the near future they will be moving their shows into a brand new theater at the other end of Gan Hapaamon.

FIJ Tips

This small and air conditioned theater is a great place to take your toddlers and pre-schoolers in the summer. Check the calendar for weekly shows.


Office Hours 8:30am-5:00pm
Show Hours:

-Monday 4:30pm
-Tuesday 5:00pm
-Saturday 11:00am

There are special holiday shows as well. Check the schedule for details.


Costs vary per show from 20 NIS – 45 NIS


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First Station is across the streets and has a variety of meat and dairy restaurants. They also have a few restaurants open on Saturdays.

Venue: Train Theater

Address: 1 Jabotinsky
Jerusalem, 91082 Israel
Neighborhood: Talbieh
Transportation: 71, 72, 74, 75, 77, 78
7, 13, 18, 34

Parking: Paid parking lot in Gan Hapamon and on the street.

Toto and Friends – Train Theater

Train Theater
January 25 2020
The Train Theater presents "Toto and Friends". A play based on the characters from the book "It's Mine - From My House". A show full of imagination and heart, with lots of hands and lots of dolls. Tie: 11:00am Show Duration: 45 minutes Language: Heb...
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Hanan in the Garden – Train Theater

Train Theater
January 27 2020
The tale of a gardener named Hanan, who plants a small seed in the ground. The seed grows and turns into a tree, but this is no ordinary tree. This is a magical tree that will create interesting and surprising experiences. The story is told through dramat...
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The Hungry Sandwich – Train Theater

Train Theater
January 28 2020
The Train Theater presents, "The Hungry Sandwich". A play about a man and a woman who wanted to write a story, they drifted, floated, dived, devoured and lived happily ever after. A puppetry, object theater and clowning performance reminding us that every...
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Three Pandas and Goldilocks – Train Theater

Train Theater
February 01 2020
The Train Theater presents the "Three Pandas and Goldilocks". One night, Micky realizes that she’s a grown-up: Her tooth is about to fall out, Her shirt is too short, and soon she will be too old to play with her favorite doll, Goldilocks. Five puppe...
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ENGLISH!! Tiny Ocean – Train Theater

Train Theater
February 19 2020
Train Theater presents Tiny Ocean - a puppet theater in an aquarium. Two girls playing in the water. In the little sea they create, everything can happen. A silver fish and a red fish go on a journey. Will they find the treasure? Will they be friends? ...
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ENGLISH!!! The Chelem Legend – Fool Moon

Train Theater
March 25 2020
A theatrical adaptation based on the humorous stories of Chelem and Eastern European Jewish folklore. Lemech and Layzer set out on an adventurous journey to find a new moon for the city of  Chelem, to replace the one that was stolen. The plot unfolds v...
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