Train Theater


The Train Theater is situated within Liberty Bell Park (Gan Hapaamon) and it’s a gem for young kids.

The talented actors have created a variety of puppet shows and story theaters. They have a yearly calendar with weekly story theater, weekly plays involving puppets and even a walking play through the streets of Yemin Moshe.

Most plays are in HEBREW but can be enjoyed by young kids without a language barrier. Private shows can be done in English for groups reserved in advance.

During the summer the Train Theater sponsors a Puppet Festival in Jerusalem.

The Train Theater can bring their shows to you…for a special occasion or school event.

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Train Theater History
The Train Theater began in 1981 and literally took place in a train car brought into Liberty Bell Park. It is now an indoor theater and in the near future they will be moving their shows into a brand new theater at the other end of Gan Hapaamon.

FIJ Tips

This small and air conditioned theater is a great place to take your toddlers and pre-schoolers in the summer. Check the calendar for weekly shows.


Office Hours 8:30am-5:00pm
Show Hours:

-Monday 4:30pm
-Tuesday 5:00pm
-Saturday 11:00am

There are special holiday shows as well. Check the schedule for details.


Costs vary per show from 20 NIS – 45 NIS


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First Station is across the streets and has a variety of meat and dairy restaurants. They also have a few restaurants open on Saturdays.

Venue: Train Theater

Address: 1 Jabotinsky
Jerusalem, 91082 Israel
Neighborhood: Talbieh
Transportation: 71, 72, 74, 75, 77, 78
7, 13, 18, 34

Parking: Paid parking lot in Gan Hapamon and on the street.

Cactus – Train Theater

Train Theater
December 14 2019
The Train Theater presents, a spiky children’s show "Cactus"- a comic story with crazy boundless scenes and lots of spikes. A show for children and adults alike who are not afraid of black humor and spikes. Showtime: 11:00am Duration: 45 minutes ...
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Princess Banana – Train Theater

Train Theater
December 16 2019
The Train Theater presents the theatrical performance of "Princess Banana" a Storytelling Theater for toddlers by Galia Shomer. The Princess Banana played all day, and now - what to do? It was time for her afternoon rest. Where is she hiding? Would she fa...
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The Singing City

Train Theater
December 17 2019
The Train Theater presents the tale of "The Singing City" - a play combining object theater, movement, sound, noise and puppets. In a loud city, on Boom 3 Street, lives Adina, a gentle harp player. How can she play in the midst of all the honking cars, ra...
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Tiny Ocean – Train Theater

Train Theater
December 21 2019
Train Theater presents Tiny Ocean - a puppet theater in an aquarium. Two girls playing in the water. In the little sea they create, everything can happen. A silver fish and a red fish go on a journey. Will they find the treasure? Will they be friends? ...
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The Surprise of the Dreidel – Train Theater

Train Theater
December 23 2019
In honor of Hanukkah, The Train Theater presents the storytelling show "The Surprise of the Dreidel" - the story about a a boy and his missing dreidel. Showtime: 4:30pm Show Duration: 35 minutes Performance is in Hebrew. [button link="https:...
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The Emperor’s New Clothes – Train Theater

Train Theater
December 24 2019
The Train Theater presents the classic tale of "The Emperor's New Clothes"! The emperor's subjects live in poverty and toil to satisfy the Emperor’s appetite for new clothing; the Emperors busy shopping for luxurious sewing materials. The kingdom’s tr...
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Alef-Bet Legend – Train Theater

Train Theater
December 25 2019
The Train Theater presents the "Alef-Bet Legend". An original story about a journey through the letters. Showtime: 11:00am Show Duration: 45 minutes Language: Hebrew   [button link=""]...
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Moustache the Cat – Train Theater

Train Theater
December 26 2019
The Train Theater presents the "Moustache the Cat ". A story about Moustache the cat who lives in a circle, and has the world's most special moustache! An interdisciplinary show combining plastic art and dance-design theater. Based on circles from which a...
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A Touch of Light – Train Theater

Train Theater
December 27 2019
The Train Theater presents "A Touch of Light". The True Story of Louis Braille, inventor of the braille writing system. A unique play for kids 6 yrs. and up!! At the age of three, Louis lost his eye-sight. Would he ever be able to read and write? H...
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The Chelem Legend – Fool Moon

Train Theater
December 28 2019
A theatrical adaptation based on the humorous stories of Chelem and Eastern European Jewish folklore. Lemech and Layzer set out on an adventurous journey to find a new moon for the city of  Chelem, to replace the one that was stolen. The plot unfolds v...
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