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Gush Etzion is an area located just outside Jerusalem on route 60 (take the Gilo city exit). It is an area filled with history, fun and adventure.

You can find activities there that can take you back to the time of King Herod (visit his palace) or to the time of the ’67 war and the founding of many of the communities. The area is so diverse you can even find the longest omega in the Middle East at Deerland.

Things To Do in Gush Etzion

We recommend spending a day in the area and visiting some of the incredible artists and enjoying fun activities. Make sure to catch a meal there too since the restaurants and wineries are delicious.

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FIJ Tips

Rent a car or take a taxi. You will need a taxi to get from place to place.


Prices vary per activity. Contact Gush Etzion Tourism for more info.


Whole Family


English / Hebrew


There are wineries, restaurants and cafes.

Venue: Gush Etzion

Address: Gush Etzion Israel
Neighborhood: Gush Etzion

Having Fun With Kids in Gush Etzion

The Gush Etzion area is located 15 minutes outside Jerusalem and is rich with history, adventure and fun. The area played an important role in protecting Jerusalem during the '67 War and today is home to many English speakers.  The area has over 20 fun ...
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