Top 100 Family Activities in Jerusalem in 2012

April 19, 2012
By: Joanna Shebson

How many of them have you done? What is your favorite activity?
Jerusalem is an amazing city to visit with kids and teens. Activities range from active to spiritual to artistic to nature and historical.  
In honor of Yom Haatzmaut (Israel Independence Day) and Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day) we are excited to bring you the Fun In Jerusalem Top 100 Family Activities in Jerusalem.
Activities marked with an * can be reserved on the Fun In Jerusalem website.

Top 100 Family Activities in Jerusalem

  1. *Discover the Old City alleyways on a scavenger hunt
  2. *Explore the hills on an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle)
  3. *Snapple (rappel) just outside the Old City
  4. *Compete in Paintball in the Jerusalem Forest
  5. Explore the tunnels under the Western Wall
  6. Enjoy Mini Golf with a view
  7. Challenge your friends to Team Bowling
  8. Explore Israeli history at the Begin Museum
  9. History comes alive at the Tower of David
  10. Meet animals mentioned in the Bible at the beautiful Biblical Zoo
  11. View the Temple Mount & a 3D Temple Model from the rooftop of Aish Hatorah
  12. Be inches away from the Nobel Prize at the Shai Agnon Museum
  13. Play currency video games at the Bank of Israel Visitor’s Center
  14. Experience the cultures of Jerusalem at the Bible Lands Museum
  15. Interact at the Bloomfield Science Museum
  16. Commemorate the Holocaust at Yad Vashem
  17. Go back in time with a 4D movie at the Time Elevator
  18. Story Theater in the magical neighborhood of Yemin Moshe
  19. *Take a lantern tour of the Castel Fortress
  20. *Play Laser Tag in the forest
  21. Leave a note in the Western Wall
  22. View the Temple Mount Excavations at the Jerusalem Archeological Park
  23. Run through the trenches on Ammunition Hill, a battle site from the War of Independence
  24. Taste the Fish n Chips & Fresh Produce at Machane Yehuda, “The Shuk”
  25. *Meet Abraham, ride a camel, bake pita and have tea at Eretz Bresheit, Genesis Land
  26. Learn about Gush Katif at the Gush Katif Museum
  27. Join the recycling art workshop at the Israel Museum
  28. Ride the Flower Train at the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens
  29. *Taste heaven at a hands on Chocolate Workshop
  30. Enjoy the best kids art workshops in town at the Museum of Islamic Art
  31. Delve into the Italian culture at the Museum of Italian Jewish Art
  32. Visit the most famous Jerusalem prison at the Museum of the Underground Prisoners
  33. Climb the dinosaur at the Nature “Teva” Museum
  34. Learn about Jewish life in the Old City at the Old Yishuv Court Museum
  35. Explore Jewish identity at the Hechal Shlomo Wolfson Jewish Museum
  36. See models of the 1st Temple at Yad Ben Tzvi Ariel Center
  37. Take an afternoon to shop and eat at the Malcha Mall
  38. Have a Happy Meal at a kosher McDonalds
  39. Shop, eat, and browse at the Mamilla Mall
  40. Make your own jewelry on Emek Refaim at the Haruzim Bead Store
  41. Paint your own pottery at Kad V’Chomer
  42. Visit one of the last remaining natural gazelle habitats at Tzomet Pat
  43. Take a night hike with the Jerusalem Bird Observatory
  44. Help the local community gardens beautify the neighborhood
  45. Learn about bird ringing at the Jerusalem Bird Observatory
  46. *Climb, swing, and rope walk at the Jerusalem Ropes Course
  47. *Race through the Old City on a Jerusalem Treasure Hunt
  48. *Cook and bake with professionals at Jerusalem Culinary Institute
  49. Have a hands on experience with animals at the Zoology Pinat Chai
  50. Climb through the obstacles at Tim Tam Mischkakiya for toddlers
  51. Tour Jerusalem on a Segway
  52. Take a ride on a Go Kart
  53. Ride the Monster Slide in Kiryat Yovel
  54. Envision Zionism through the eyes of Theodore Herzl at the Herzl Museum
  55. Feel like an MK on a tour of the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament
  56. Take the law into your own hands and tour the Supreme Court of Israel
  57. Storytelling tour and family concert at Rav Kook’s House
  58. See a show at the Beit Shmuel Theater
  59. Climb the rock wall under Teddy Stadium
  60. Enjoy a puppet show at the The Train Theater in Liberty Bell Park
  61. Catch a kids movie and pre-show workshop at Jerusalem Cinemateque
  62. Enjoy Caspion and other classic plays at the Jerusalem Theater
  63. Ride the longest omega (zipline) in the middle east at Deerland Adventure Park
  64. *See Jerusalem in a different light during the Midnight Bike Riding Tour
  65. *Cycle your way through history at Al Derech Burma
  66. *Have a “Dig for a Day” experience at Beit Guvrin
  67. Walk in the water trails of Ein Hemed National Park
  68. Shop at the Naot Factory Store in Gush Etzion
  69. Visit Kibbutz Tzuba and hike the beautiful and historical trails.
  70. Escape the heat with your toddler at the indoor Yankuta play area
  71. See the Montefiore Windmill spin again-coming soon
  72. Ride your skateboard at the Gan Sacher skateboard park
  73. Take a self defense class for kids at El Halev
  74. Walk through water in Hizkiyahu’s water tunnel
  75. *Enjoy a one man show with Amuka Theater as you walk through the Old City
  76. Cool off at one of Jerusalem’s pools
  77. Cheer on Hapoel Katamon at a soccer game in Teddy Stadium
  78. Design a kippa with your favorite team logo at the Kippa Man
  79. Witness a dueling match at the Jerusalem Knight Festival in November
  80. Fly your favorite kite at the Israel Museum Kite Festival in August
  81. Spend the summer in camp: sports, horseback riding, science, nature and more
  82. *Discover the history of Nachlaot with a Scavenger Hunt
  83. *Take a jeep ride past a tank exhibit and see Jerusalem’s most beautiful streams
  84. *Be amazed by the Night Spectacular at the Tower of David
  85. Have a kef time at Kef Tzuba amusement park
  86. Volunteer at Yad Eliezer preparing food for the needy
  87. Buy handmade gifts at the Shekel Gift Shop and support a great cause
  88. Find a cause and wear the shirt at the NU Campaign store in town
  89. Take a walk on an Old Roman Street as you meet ancient craftsman at Ein Yael
  90. Take in the breathtaking view of the Old City from above at the Haas Promenade
  91. Find artifacts from the Temple Period at the Temple Mount Sifting Project
  92. *Take memorable family photos with a professional photographer
  93. Explore the Jerusalem Bike Path
  94. Ride over the Bridge of Strings on the Jerusalem Light Rail
  95. *Learn to juggle in the Jerusalem Juggling Club
  96. *Take touring to a new dramatic level with a family tour guide
  97. Let the lights guide you through the Old City at the Jerusalem Light Festival
  98. Chill out at the Jerusalem Ice Festival
  99. Experience the Shuk come alive during the Balabusta Festival in the summer
  100. Run or cheer at the annual Jerusalem Marathon in March

Jerusalem is a great family vacation destination!

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