A Sweet Birthday at LOL & POP

July 10, 2016
By: Joanna Shebson

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“Finding the right birthday activity for my daughter was a challenge. Keeping in mind that I wanted it to be something unique that would entertain my older boys as well, I looked for something even I had never done before – and was prepared to venture outside Jerusalem. LOL&POP Logo

That’s when I heard about LOL & POP. Once I saw their website I was hooked! Recent olim, Igor and Kate Levitan opened their shop in Ramat Gan three months ago and have already taught over 100 master classes – a unique interactive workshop for ages six and up. LOL & POP also specialize in creating customized candies which become special corporate gifts and a welcome addition to the bar/bat mitzva sweets table.”

So how did the Levitans get involved in candy?

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