Silk Painting Workshops with Avigael

Create your own silk scarf at a fabulous new silk painting workshop brought to you by Avigael Creations.

Your pattern will be drawn up for you before you arrive. Avigael will guide you through the process, help you pick your colors and teach you how to use the brushes. All materials will be provided.

Workshops are held in Avigael’s studio in Jerusalem or, if you prefer, she can come to you.

Silk Painting for Kids

Your kids will design their very own silk painting.

If you’re kids are younger Avigael will draw their chosen pattern for them and then guide them on how to paint.  She will work with older kids to help them draw and then paint their own patterns.

Avigael will host the kids at her workshop in Jerusalem (minimum of 4 kids) or at your home (minimum of 7 kids).

Pattern Scarf Workshop

Avigael will teach you how to make your own exquisite silk scarf. Choose from an assortment of beautiful patterns that Avigael has in her workshop, or send her a design of your choice.

Marbling Scarf Workshop

Create your own rectangle silk scarf with a “Marbling Technique”, to dye an original scarf.  Available in either silk chiffon, silk crepe, or silk twill.

There’s a choice of two sizes of fabric in each silk, for half or full head covering.

Challah Cover

Create your own beautiful silk challah cover.  After the workshop Avigael will sew on the cotton lining, ready for you to come and collect a few days later.

Host your own Silk Painting Workshop

Why not host a private silk painting workshop in the confort of your own home?  Private workshops require a minimum of five participants.

Workshops can be organized in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.  Other venues will be considered.



Silk Painting Workshops with Avigael

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