Shokoladshik Chocolate Workshop – Gush Etzion


Learn how chocolate is made in the Shokoladshik Chocolate Studio. Shachar will take you through the process as you create your own chocolate.

A memorable experience of taste, color and lots of creativity. This is not a chocolate decorating workshop but an actual “chocolate making workshop”.

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Great for all ages for groups, families, couples, special occasions and corporate events.

Kashrut: the ingredients are Badatz – Chatam Sofer, Chalav Yisrael.

The studio is located in the “lulim” section of Kfar Etzion.


Choose from this list of delicious Chocolate Workshops

  • Creating chocolate sculptures, truffles, chocolate lollipops, & mint coins coated in chocolate
  • Two color chocolate drawings with nougat and printed chocolate bars with cranberries, nuts…and other surprises.


By reservation


Whole family


English / Hebrew

Venue: Shokoladshik Studio

Address: Kfar Etzion
Gush Etzion, Israel
Neighborhood: Gush Etzion