Shalva National Center – Party Venue


Celebrate your simcha in one of Jerusalem’s most “giving” venues – the Shalva National Center. A unique party venue with where your celebration will have a social impact.

SHALVA is a Jerusalem based organization that provides services to children with special needs and their families.

  • Event Hall – Diamond Hall – up to 130 with dance floor
  • Beit Knesset – up to 200
  • Auditorium – up to 341 seats
  • Conference Rooms – 15-40 around tables
  • Cafe Shalva – Coffee Shop (Dairy)
  • Rooftop or Garden Sukkah
Plan A Party at Shalva

It is not just a venue…

How to make Shalva part of your Bar/Bat Mitzva celebrations?

Coordinate a special celebration for your family and friends at the Shalva National Center. The activity can include a tour and an activity such as dancing, a basketball program with Tamir Goodman or a unique inclusive art project together with children from Shalva. After the activity there are many different options of places within the building to celebrate with a party, a meal or a light snack.

Special Shalva Gifts at your Simcha

Shalva has created a selection of specially produced gifts that make perfect gifts for your guests.

  • Shalva Tea Gift Box – 6 flavors of teas inspired by herbs from different regions in Israel and packaged by Shalva.
  • Yossi handshake Wine – produced with Herodion Winery and packaged with a special brail label.
  • Olive Oil – the highest quality local olive oil produced with the help of the kids of Shalva
  • Shalva Chocolates – special box of chocolates wrapped with special messages.

Shalva Band

Want to add some excitement to your simcha? Ask us how to reserve the Shalva Band to perform at your celebration. The Shalva band is world renowned for their talent and inclusive approach. Another great social initiative form the Shalva organization. Special prices apply for events in the Shalva National center.



A special event for a child with special needs

It is obviously also an IDEAL place to host the Bar or Bat Mitzva of a child with special needs. Every detail of the event will focus on what is best for the child making it an incredible experience.

FIJ Tips

Let the coordinator at Shalva know how your children would like to interact with the children from Shalva. Would you like to arrange a special dance, cupcake workshop, basketball game, soccer game or just play together in the mischakiya?


Dairy Catering Available

Venue: Shalva National Center

Address: Derech Shalva 1
Jerusalem, Israel
Neighborhood: Ramat Sharet
Parking: Free parking