Family FUN Day

In Israel a FUN Day is known as a Yom Kef. A Yom Kef can be a day of bonding activities or a day of touring or a day of pure fun. Each Yom Kef is unique based on our reader’s request.

If you would like us to plan your Yom Kef please send us an email with some information about the size of your group, types of activities you enjoy, dates and time and your budget.

We take care of booking the activities, the transportation, the food and even the tour guide. Although Jerusalem is our favorite tourist destination we can also help you plan day trips from Jerusalem to areas in the Binyamin Region, Gush Etzion, Dan Region and even up North.

Sample Day Trips:

  • Kakadu Art Workshop, Caving in Emek Haella, BBQ Dinner
  • ODT (Outdoor Training) in an ATV, Lunch in the field, Hospitality in a Biblical Tent
  • Jerusalem Ropes Course, BBQ in the Park, Scavenger Hunt of Nachlaot
  • Visit the ancient city of Shilo, Wine Tasting in Psagot and ATV in the desert
  • Ir David Archaeological Dig, segway tour on the Tayelet, lunch picnic overlooking the Old City

We can guide you and find activities that will inspire a fun family day.

  • Types of Yom Kef: Active? Artsy? Historical? Group Bonding? Other?
  • If you don't have an exact date please email us a range of dates.
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