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Jerusalem Scavenger Hunts – Looking for an interactive and fun way to learn about the history of Jerusalem and its many neighborhoods? A Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt is the answer. Play this fun game with your whole family, race against other teams as you solve riddles and clues that take you to your next destination. Jerusalem Scavenger Hunts are available in the Old City, Nachlaot, Tzfat and now Gush Etzion (in jeeps or private cars).

Shuk Dash – Israel ScaVentures also runs the exciting Shuk Dash…a game of skill and fun using interactive ipads and a game kit to explore Mahane Yehuda.

*NEW* Shuk Gallery Scavenger Hunt – By NIGHT – By day visitors to the Shuk are inundated with the variety of choice in the Machaneh Yehduah market. By night, as the shutters of the stalls close, the portrait gallery of  artist Solomon Suissa emerges, and the characters invite us to explore the choices that they made!

Bar / Bat Mitzvas and Birthday Parties:

Ask about their customized hunts which are really unique experiences for Bar/Bat Mitzvas, birthday parties and even marriage proposals. The hunt is available in English, Hebrew, French and Spanish.Trip Advisor 2016

Contact Israel ScaVentures: 052-835-8072

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The Experiential Guidebook to Jerusalem – a personal self guided tour of some of Jerusalem’s most popular historic sites with games & missions that the whole family can enjoy. A great souvenir or gift. Purchase 

FIJ Tips

This is a "MUST DO" experience for all families visiting Jerusalem. This activity requires a lot of reading so it is ideal for 1st grade +. If you have younger kids, give them jobs to look for certain clues and use the local markets along the way to offer them treats for solving the clues.


Available by reservation.
Open Scavenger Hunts (Pay per person) are available during the holiday season.


Ranges from 1100 NIS + for Group Scavenger Hunt (Private) depending on group size.

Contact Tali for a price quote


Ages 6+


English / Hebrew

Venue: Israel ScaVentures

Address: Jerusalem, Israel
Neighborhood: Mahane Yehuda (Shuk Dash), Old City, Nachlaot, Gush Etzion (Scavenger Hunt)



What age is the hunt appropriate for?

It’s a great activity for kids, teens and adults to enjoy together.

From what age do you have to pay to join the hunt?

Kids ages 6+ are included in your group number and younger kids are welcome to tag along although it will be hard for them to participate if they can’t read.

What is the difference between the Old City & Nachlaot Hunts?

Both hunts are fun for the entire family. On the Old City Hunt you will learn about the history of the area dating back to the time of the Temple.  The Nachlaot Hunt focuses on the people who lived in the neighborhood and about life in Jerusalem once new neighborhoods began to form outside the Old City Walls.

If I have done one hunt is it worth doing the other?

Yes, definitely. The hunts have similar styles but the content is completely different and it is worth doing both.

Can we bring a stroller on the hunt?

YES you can bring a stroller on the Old City and Nachlaot Hunt. We do not go down all the stairs to the Kotel in the Old City, there are very few stairs on the Scavenger Hunt itself.

How does the hunt work?

Your group will be divided into teams and given mission packs. You will have a guide who is dedicated to your group when you choose a private hunt.

Is there a guide with us all the time?

The guide will give you an introduction and then divide you into teams and send you on your way. The guide is always in the area and reachable by phone if you need something. The guide will visit the teams while the game is going on and meet you at the end of the game.


Is the hunt available in the winter?

YES but be aware that Jerusalem can get cold or rainy. If there is a storm then the hunt can be rescheduled in advance for another day.

Where do we meet?

Once you have received a confirmation that the hunt you have chosen is available then you will receive a paypal invoice. Once the invoice is paid you will receive a detailed confirmation email with the meeting place and contact info.

Where To Hunt?

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Old City Scavenger Hunt

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Mahane Yehuda -Shuk Dash
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