The Scavenger Hunt Game Master in Jerusalem- Bite Size

For my latest BITE SIZE interview, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Tali Tarlow, the game master behind Jerusalem Scavenger Hunts. Catching a moment to sit and chat with Tali is not simple. Tali is always on the run, leading groups through the neighborhoods of Jerusalem or planning her next scavenger hunt. We met at the First Station just as she finished up a hunt for travel bloggers from across the world.

Listen to the full interview here.

Here are some of the “Interview Highlights”

Scavenger Hunts began as an extra activity Tali created for a tour group she was leading in Nachlaot. That was 7 years ago and now she runs more than 20 routes across the country.

Most people are familiar with her Old City Scavenger Hunt or Nachlaot/Shuk Hunt. If your family loved the experience, then we have good news for you. There are new hunts and new games to choose from for your next trip.

  • WHAT’S NEW – at Israel ScaVentures?
    • The Shuk Dash has gone digital – play an “amazing race” themed game in the shuk using tablets to accomplish your missions which include posing with fish, haggling, and meeting vendors.
    • The NEW Shuk Gallery Night Hunt – this game was created with the revival of the shuk at night. The Shuk comes alive at night with restaurants, nightlife and street art painted on the “basta” shutters.  Shutters are painted with portraits of leaders, ordinary people and shuk vendors. Engage with the stories of the people on the shutters through this fun game. (not available on Thursdays or Fridays)
    • Options outside Jerusalem – Tali runs hunts across the country including Old Jaffa & Neve Tzedek, Tzfat (recently enjoyed by Jaime Geller at Joy of Kosher)

      The most “extreme” hunt is the Gush Jeeping Scavenger Hunt where you crawl through water tunnels, climb up towers, & walk through natural springs.
  • CUSTOM HUNTS – Tali has recently started to create custom Bar and Bat Mitzva hunts for clients outside of Israel. Bring Israel themed hunts to your party. In the interview Tali describes a hunt she recently did for a familyBar Mitzva in Los Angeles that took the kids around an office complex solving clues and completing missions.
  • UNIQUE HUNTS – What are the most Unique Hunts Tali has created? – “The Engagement Hunt” in the Old City

The route took the girlfriend through the Old City at night with 5 inspiring stations where she received gifts from her future fiance. The game was personalized with exciting and romantic clues/missions as her fiance waited for her at the overview to the Kotel with a violinist. Tali would be happy to create a custom hunt for you to propose to your girlfriend even if it is not in Israel.

  • TBEX HUNT – Tali had just completed a TBEX Hunt for Travel Blogger Exchange – starting at First Station & ending at Tower of David. Travel Bloggers from across the world without a previous connection to Israel dressed up in front of the King David hotel, rapped at the North African Heritage Museum and completed missions that took them across the city. Search for #tbexjlm on facebook or instagram to see the pictures.
  • THE FUTURE – So what is in store for the future? Tali plans to continue to bring new technology into the hunts, create hunts for new cities and new custom routes.

Thank you to Tali for adding so much Fun In Jerusalem for tourists and locals.



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