Puzzle Party – Immersive Play


The newest party/Yom Kef activity that will get everyone thinking outside the box and working together with endless challenges to solve and no simple solutions! Participants will have to share their ideas and explore different approaches to find the answer.

Participants get into groups of around 3 – 6 people and work through a number of different puzzle challenges. Everyone starts with the same challenge and then each group progresses onto the next puzzle when they have finished the one that they are on.

It’s guaranteed to be puzzling!

Ages: 8+ (kids, teens & adults)
# of participants: up to 48 people (48 = 8 groups of 6 people)
Time: 60-75 minutes
Language: Hebrew & English

Puzzles are not only for kids!

Immersive Play has lots of puzzles that adults might think are a piece of cake… that is, until they try them! Great for corporate events, puzzles are used to develop team-building and effective communication skills as well as those of resilience, creativity and strategic thinking.

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60-75 minutes


Kids, Teens & Adults


English / Hebrew

Venue: Immersive Play

Address: Rechavia
Jerusalem, Israel