A Little Bread, A Little Salt & Lots of Crumbs at Pat BaMelach- BITE SIZE

This BITE SIZE interview was the yummiest so far. All this talk about fresh artisan breads has given me a big appetite. I sat down with Devorah Katz, wife of David Katz the newest artisan baker in Rosh Tzurim, Gush Etzion. With the opening of Pat Bamelach, they introduced the concept of culinary tourism into the Gush.

Listen to the interview:

Here are some of the “Interview Highlights”

Pat Bamelach has successfully grown into one of the most popular bakeries in the Gush supplying loaves of bread to many of the health food stores across the country. Along with their baking, Devorah and David have used their Jewish education experience to weave in stories of Tanach, history of Israel and the “roll” of grains and the grain cycle.

  • THE WORKSHOPS – with Pat BaMelach?
    • Pretzels & Rolls –
      • Learn about grain cycle in Israel
      • The significance of grains and breads in Tanach
      • Hands on kneading and rolling workshop
      • Great for kids and adults especially grandparents looking for something for all ages.
    • Listen to the interview to hear stories from the bakery –
      • How did the bakery get it’s name? (HINT Dov Abramson was involved)
      • Meuchedet Yom Kef and gluten
      • The yeshiva boy’s weekly order
  • CHALLAH CRUMBS – with Devorah Katz
    • Creative Jewish Education Portal started by Devorah Katz
    • Sharing recipes, coloring sheets and stories connected to the Jewish holidays or Jewish themes with families all across the world
    • NEW: Listen to the Challah Crumbs Podcasts

What does the future hold for Pat Bamelach?

RISING GROWTH – The bakery is currently looking for a larger space to move to in order to keep up with the bread orders they have received. Growing the visitors center and running workshops is a priority for Devorah and David, who believe in sharing their unique educational artisan experience with tourists and locals.


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