Why Cellopark is the Best App for Tourists Parking In Israel?

March 12, 2018
By: Joanna Shebson

Parking in Jerusalem recently became a hot topic among tourists when the city decided to get rid of all the parking meters and parking ticket machines. Tourists with rental cars frantically contacted Fun In Jerusalem asking us how they were supposed to park in the blue and white areas of the city!

We researched the topic and worked together with the Iriya parking department to address the needs of the tourists. That led us to the incredible staff at Cellopark who listened to our tourists’ concerns and adapted their technology to fit the needs of locals and tourists.

With some super useful upgrades to their app we can confidently say that – Cellopark is the #1 parking app for tourists.

Here are our favorite reasons to use Cellopark.

  • Identity – tourists no longer have to put in an Israeli identity number (Teudat Zehut) in order to open an account with Cellopark.
  • Credit Card – the app allows users to use international credit cards
  • Phone Number – past versions asked applicants to list their local Israeli number. Now tourists can list phone numbers from across the world especially since many tourists don’t rent local phones anymore.
  • Language– the app automatically detects your phone’s language and switches it for you from Hebrew to English, saving tourists from feeling at a loss with Hebrew instructions. The app is available in Hebrew, English, Arabic and Russian.
  • Malls & Parking Lots – you can park in more than 160 parking lots across the country like Malcha Mall, Liberty Bell Park and the Train Station parking lots. Making it simple to pay automatically at the exit.
  • Customer Service – english customer service representatives are available more often at Cellopark and they respond to emails as well.
  • GREAT customer service – we have been super impressed by how Cellopark heard the needs of the tourists and adapted their app to work for the tourists as well. Now that’s great customer service.

Our Favorite Cellopark Feature:
We love the automatic parking features, which include auto’ parking termination that automatically turns off the parking when the app senses that the car has moved. The app senses rapid car movement or an in-vehicle Bluetooth connection and terminates the parking session, which has saved us countless times from racking up an extra high parking bill.

There is a fee for this feature (9.90 NIS per month) but it is so worth it! You are only charged when you use the parking app – once you leave Israel you will not be charged again as long as you don’t use the Cellopark app.

Although we focus on tourism in Jerusalem – Cellopark works across the country. Just choose the region you are in and PARK.

Step By Step Cellopark Instructions


About Joanna Shebson

Joanna is the Founder and FUN Expert at Fun In Jerusalem. What started out as a mommy blog has grown into a successful tourism website. Joanna is married with three kids and lives in Katamon, Jerusalem. She loves to inspire family fun in Jerusalem.
12 Responses
  • Linda Press Wulf says:

    Greatly appreciate your info on Cellopark. It has worked very well for us on trips to Israel. I don’t know how tourists manage to drive rental cars in jerusalem without subscribing to it.

  • Thanks for taking time to put this together. It will surely help a lot of people out there.

  • Hi Joanna,
    Only when you enter a foreign cell number do you get the registration screen without a request for Israeli ID number. However if you have a prepaid pelephone account and Israeli cell number you will be required to enter a Israeli ID number and a passport number will not be accepted.
    If you entered an American cell number but are using an Israeli cell number you will be charged NIS 9.90 however you will not be able to retrieve the verification text which is sent to your American number till you get back to the US. So the problem for tourists still stands.
    Thanks, B

    • Joanna Shebson says:

      Thanks B. That is the perfect example of an issue that customer service can walk you through.It can still work for you as a tourist.

  • I tried cellopark today in Jerusalem, and after entering my US phone number, I was promted to enter a valid ID number in order to register.

  • I’m trying to download this app for a trip next week. On the Registration screen (I have a US cell phone number) it’s asking for a Personal Identification code. What is that?? It’s not my drivers license number (I tried that ), it’s not even my social security number. There are no other personal ID’s in the United States – this is highly confusing, and what is more frustrating – it wont let me set up the app.

  • Laura Hendrickson says:

    Hello! I am trying to use Cello Park to Park at the Zion Gate. Without fail I cannot use it as it asks me for an Israeli ID. Can you put me in touch with someone who can help? We are staying for two days and need a place to park near the old city.

  • laura hendrickson says:

    This is not working for me as a tourist. I am still expected to leave an ID number and cannot get ahold of customer service. Did they add the requirement for an Israeli ID back into the app?

  • Thanks for this great info!

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