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Open Studio Art Camps in Jerusalem

Expose your children to limitless possibilities, inspiration, and motivation, allowing them to imagine and to create their own worlds. For six years, The Open Studio has offered arts camps where children are inspired to learn and create in Jerusalem. Come join us where art is for everyone!

New-Pre-Camp Session!!
Join us as we travel “around the world” and visit several different communities and explore the art and food that makes up the cultural mosaic of Jerusalem. Includes trips to the Museum of Italian Jewish Art, Museum of North African Jewish Art, Museum of Islamic Art, an Armenia artist and the shuk.
Small group, up to 15 participants only.
Dates: June 23-27, 2019
Ages: 4-9 yrs.
Cost: 950nis (does not include Tzaharon or early drop off)


ANAFIM – ענפים (AGES 6-10)
The Anafim track will be a journey that explores the world around us. Children will encounter history, culture, nature, and craft utilizing professional materials and use them to express their creativity. Bilingual program with weekly trips.
Session 1: July 1-11 Glass, Paper & Fabric Arts (9 days)
Session 2: July 14-25 Architecture & Design
Session 3: July 28-Aug 8 Underwater Worlds & Creative Creatures
Session 4: Aug 11-22 Space Camp & Mosaics

SHTILIM – שתילים (AGES 4-6)
The Shtilim track will focus on exploring and discovering your child’s creative talents using all five senses and strengthening fine and gross motor skills through exciting art creations and group activities. The groups are small and well supervised. We use high-quality, safe materials that allow the children to discover their inner artists, work together and have fun!

Session 2: July 14-25 Monster Camp & Around the World
Session 3: July 28-Aug 8 Underwater Worlds & Creative Creatures
Session 4: Aug 11-22 Space Camp & Fizz Pop Bang (Little Chemists)

NITZANIM – ניצנים (AGES 10-14)
In the Nitzanim track, participants will work side by side with mentor artisans in a specific field of art. This track will challenge, inspire and build self-confidence in your teens and give them expertise in that specific area.

July 7-11: Glass Sculpture & Mosaics* with Leonid Kritsun @Jerusalem House of Quality | 1300 nis
July 14-18: Photography with Yaal Hermon @Hutzot Hayotzer | 1100nis
July 21-25: Metallurgy (Jewelry)* with Michal Ben Ari @Jerusalem House of Quality | 1300 nis
July 21-Aug 1: Carpentry (10 days) with Etzlanu | 2060nis
July 28-Aug 1: Painting & Drawing* with Sharon Binder @Hutzot Hayotzer | 1100nis
Aug 4-8: Fabric Arts & Sewing with Rivka Ben Hamu | 1100nis
Aug 12-15: Camp DIY (4 days) with Shoshana Havaya | 1100nis

At A Glance…

Camp Week
9:00am-2:00pm Sunday -Thursday

Kehillat Mivakshei Derech
22 Shai Agnon Street, Jerusalem

This year we will be adding a healthy cooking component to our program. Different groups will assist Sarit Cohen in preparing a healthy vegetarian snack or dessert each day. Children bring their own lunches. Everything served is Kosher.

Inside vs. Outside Time
Children in Shtilim and Anafim will have approximately one hour of lunch and free play time in a local park or outdoor space each day. Additionally, during our snack break (10am) counselors run fun games for campers to opt into and have a chance to run around outside. While we do particularly messy art projects (such as Tye-Dye & Paper Mache) outside, the rest of the time, we are inside a cool, air-conditioned space.

Each week, Anafim have a trip within Jerusalem that fits with that week’s theme. Some of our trips may include the Tisch Biblical Zoo, The Gottesman Aquarium, The Nature Museum, Bloomfield Science Museum, the YMCA, the Supreme Court of Israel and more.

Camp is in English & Hebrew, all staff is bilingual.

Contact Details
For details:
Contact Open Studio Camp 054-626-8496



PESACH Camp Details
Dates: TBA
For details:
Contact Open Studio Camp 054-626-8496

During our Pre-Pesach Kaytanna we will visit the beautiful neighborhood of Ein Kerem to paint and sketch its architecture and its natural beauty and meet with a few of its amazing artists in their studios. Children will have the opportunities to create pieces to add meaning and fun to their seders (such as plague puppets, games, pillows, seder plates, kiddush cups, wine glass charms, and more.)

In our afternoon program 2-4pm, children will join in a different art workshop each day such as glass painting, model making, mosaics and more. Daily or Weekly registration is available.

Space is limited.
Week: TBA
Daily: TBA

More Info 

Avigayle Adler (all camps, except: Film, Puppetry, Handy Teen & Wood shop) – MA, ED Founder and Director of the Open Studio has been teaching arts and creativity for over 15 years in Israel and abroad. An avid papercutting, mosaics and glass artist, she loves the challenge of bringing out the inner artist in every person she meets.“The Open Studio is made up of far more than crafts; with out realizing it, children leave with values, a love of art and creation and a commitment to the greater community with an understanding of the city they live in…”       (Deena Glickman, Katamon)

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FIJ Tips

This is a great camp for creative kids. Avigayle uses many forms of art to bring out your child's own inner artist. She specializes in glass paining and runs a traveling art camp where kids get to see the city and nature's beauty to inspire their artwork.


Daily Camp Hours
Sunday – Thursday 9:00am-2:00pm

Early Drop off
8:30am-9:00pm (additional 80 nis / week)

Afternoon Program
2:00pm-4:00pm  (additional 150 nis /week)





850nis per week, for Anafim and Shtilim.
Nitzanim artists as Mentors and specialty camps-prices vary.

Prices vary by session, please see our website for specific information.

Early Bird Discounts
Payment before June 16 – save 100 nis per child



Ages 4-6, 6-10, 10-14


English / Hebrew


Weekly sessions


Snack is provided, children bring their own lunches.

Venue: Open Studio

Address: HaPalmach St. 33
Jerusalem, Israel
Neighborhood: Katamon
Parking: Free Street Parking

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